World Cup Bossaball Bonaire 2013


The national teams of Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, The Netherlands and Germany at the second official World Cup Bossaball in Bonaire!

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Bossaball is a ball game between 2 teams, combining elements of volleyball, football and gymnastics with music into a new sport, which is played on an inflatable court featuring a trampoline on each side of the net.


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  1. some bossaball highlights were just on sportscenter's top 10 plays and I had no idea wtf it was so I'm here watching this sport for the first time and my immediate opinion is that it looks kinda cool but is a complete waste of time… combining two or more good things doesn't always make something better

    …like peanut butter is awesome. chocolate is awesome. reese's are friggin' awesome. However, chocolate is awesome. cheese is awesome… but chocolate cheese sounds so terrible that I wouldn't even consider trying such an abomination of flavors. Does anybody get what I'm saying?…I'm positive you do but the real question is if you actually agree or not lol.

    ttyl bossaball people… whatever the fuck "bossa" actually means? lol

    P.S. —> It's just as boring to watch as volleyball and if your trying to start a revolution with a new sport you DEFINITELY DO NOT want people saying that it's just as boring as regular old volleyball lol. Remember Slamball and how they tried to get that off the ground bc it was a more extreme style of basketball but nobody watched it bc it was way too boring even when it shouldn't have been? Yeah, if Slamballl was for basketball then bossaball is for volleyball and what makes it even worse is that I'd watch slamball over this shit any day of the friggin' week and that's pathetic lmao sorry guys but your new sport has failed on all levels except making it onto sportscenter's top 10 plays for a single night and that's not much bc I've seen dogs balancing things on their noses make the top 10 plays for the night hahahaha

  2. 0:36 – There's absolutely no reason to have that shot of the girl in these highlights but I'm not complaining whatsoever hahaha


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