Windows 10 SandBox Setup & Why You Should Use It


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  1. Thank you for the video. I have a question about the internet in the sandbox, I scrolled down your comments and noticed that you replied saying that "sandbox has a tunnel for the network, your system will be transparent."
    What does that exactly mean?

    Someone said this about sandbox and I was wondering if it was true?
    "It is important to note that Windows Sandbox doesn’t provide network-level isolation. So while malware executed within the sandbox cannot directly access the C: drive of the primary operating system, it can still communicate with other devices on your network. For example, if you were to execute malware containing a worm virus inside the sandbox, it can still scan your network for vulnerable systems and spread to other systems from there."

  2. Spent a whole day trying to get Sandbox working and to no avail! after chasing the settings for many different services I finally gave up and came to the conclusion this was just another useless creation that doesn't work from Microsh*t after hours of frustration all I got for my troubles was a BSOD and another couple of hours trying to recover my system thanks to Microsh*t those useless sad sacks who always disappoint! that's the only thing from MS you can be sure of! and for that reason I highly don't recommend this sh*tware. just use Sandboxie instead because unlike microsh*t their software actually works!
    P.S. My comment has no reflection on Mikes unboxing tutorial if MS software worked correctly his tutorial is spot on .
    Can't believe even MStech sites are advising users to use third party software to replace Microsh*ts crap within windows like windows image! I thought MS announcing that W10 will be their last OS was because their so bad at creating them now that would have been understandable after 30 years of failing to provide a working OS.

  3. If we open website that contain virus in sandbox, what happen? The virus will infect our system through network ?

  4. Windows sandbox is slow as fuck. Useless shit crap. Windows problem is they dont have feedback from customer to their R&D guys. I have a way to fix all windows virus issue. if they only listen

  5. To enable internet connection in Sandbox, i must Bridge connections and disable AV in main PC… if i test viruses and for example visiting porn sites, there is no way infecting my main PC ?

  6. Wish it have a function to add a switch which it doesn't use the host internet network so it can be completely isolated from the host pc

  7. I wish they let you make a default image, something like disconnecting the internet in the sandbox than installing a piece of anti-malware software and saving the snap shot so each time you load it the AV is persistent like in other VM softwares.

    I bought Windows Pro just for this feature and while not bad it's limited nearly to a mini permission based sandbox yet acts like a virtual machine without any of the features.

    If given the opportunity I would install Firefox inside and customize the browser to my liking just keeping it for that alone and maybe a few other odd pieces of software.

  8. Quick question Mike (I couldn't edit my first post): My "Sandbox" copy of Windows says "Windows 10 Enterprise" and wants me to activate it before I can do any personalization (icons, background, etc.)… any ideas on how I could do this? I assumed the Sandbox would be activated as this is a feature of Windows 10 Pro, and I own a legitimate retail copy.

  9. What a great way to create a virtual machine! I had heard of it, but never used it. Thanks again, Mike! Awesome how-to video.


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