Ultimate Drifting Challenges: Ryan Tuerck’s Texas Shootout


Tuerck’d Season 3, Ep. 4: Ryan Tuerck assembles top drifters at the Texas Motor Speedway to take on a series of performance drifting challenges. Tuerck goes head to head against Formula Drift drivers Matt Field and Pat Goodin in a series of four challenges including Fastest Entry Speed, Backwards entry, No Hands Manji, and 360 entry. Announcer Jarod DeAnda takes us through the events and the unconventional judging by Chris Forsberg, Matt Coffman, and Aaron Ross as Tuerck tries to win at his own event. Will he take it all or will he get Tuerck’d?
Got questions about these challenges, Tuerck’s performance, the judging—hit Ryan with your questions and comments below and he just might respond to you in his next Burnout Response video!

Directed by Andrew Laputka/Shoot First Media, produced by Jacob Agajanian

Thank You: Sunday Bikes, VP Racing Fuel and Texas Motor Speedway

Watch the whole series:

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  1. Tuerk needs to take some lessons from DrifIdiot in how to "suck less" :D. Awesome episode, possibly one of my favourite challenge ones just cos all the guys were having a laugh at each other. Keep it up!

  2. hey guys, i am starting to drift and need some help, i have a fwd corolla 92 and i want to make it rwd, does any one know  a shop in iceland that can do that? I want to use my corolla cuz many drifters use corollas ive heard 


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