Tyranny Bastard's Wound – New Loyal to Kyros Ending


Finally, thanks to the Bastard’s Wound DLC this game FINALLY has an ending that has a sense of finality! The complete Loyal to Kyros ending – see the complete guide HERE:

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Tyranny Bastard’s Wound – New Loyal to Kyros Ending

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  1. It doesn't make any sense. Nothing changed, Fatebinder is still a huge threat to Kyros, there is no possible way for them to get along. The only way to accept this ending is by roleplaying a blindly loyal idiot or an extremely altruistic hero which is completely against the game theme.

  2. Does this sound possible? The internet is pretty vague on this matter.

    Anarchy, get Bleden to submit by killing Ashe and Voices, prove yourself innocent, Tunon submits, declare yourself Loyal == You killed the incompetent fools and now rule in Kyros' name?

    I don't own the game yet, but if this is possible it is what I will do.

  3. Hmmm, so there is a way to sway the voices to Nerat to you even if you side with the rebels…

    Is there a possibility to do the same to Graven Ashe?

  4. Hm, there are several dialog options here that I never got. your link above, where it says click here for a guide to this ending, has no link to click on.

  5. I tried to be 100% loyal to Kyros on my first playthrough. Imagine my dissapointment when the game forced me to oppose him in the end. My character would rather willingly give himself up than oppose the overlord.


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