Twister Dance Rave from Hasbro


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Hasbro has taken the classic game of Twister and added electronic light-up components to create the Twister Rave product lineup. One of the newest products in the line is Twister Dance Rave, which is basically a redesigned and rebranded version of Twister Dance. Twister Dance Rave includes three songs from Selena Gomez, Ellie Goulding, and Britt Nicole, plus one Hasbro original song “Caught Up in a Twister”.

To play, set up four colored spots on one side of the electronic console and four colored spots on the other side. This way, kids are facing one another as they dance. Turn on the console and choose one of three difficulty levels and the song you’d like to dance to. The console will light up with the traditional Twister colors of green, blue, yellow, and red, showing kids what foot needs to touch what color spot. For example, if the left side lights up blue, touch your left foot to the blue spot. When the lights go purple, make up your own dance moves.

Kids can also dance to their own music by connecting an MP3 player to the console. If kids want to use the console as an MP3 speaker and not play the game, they can turn out the console’s lights by pressing the NEXT button for two seconds.

Twister Dance Rave is for one to two players.


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  1. Glad I found your review before I bought it. I loved the original and was excited to see a new game of Twister. After watching your review, I no longer am as excited about it as I was. Thank you for your review and thank you for saving me money!! : ) Gonna check out more of your reviews now. 

  2. This game was different and fun at first but its just moving your foot from a coloured spot to another nothing special I have twister dance rave and now it just sits in my room worst christmas present ever!!


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