Twister 80W & Fireluke Mesh 2 Kit by Freemax!


In this video we check out the Twister kit by Freemax. This kit comes with the 80w variable wattage Twister mod, and the Fireluke Mesh V2 sub ohm tank.




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  1. Freemax arguably have the best coils on the market but the batteries for the Twister models are nothing short of atrocious. Poor connection port for charging combined with a short lifespan results in these being the worst I have ever seen. I have had 3 out of 4 batteries since November and have finally called time on the freemax Twister range. I might add as well that the customer service I received was pretty poor via Twitter and Instagram.

  2. DO NOT BUY this junk , the battery only lasts 1-3 months and then dies on you .. What a disappointment .. DO NOT BUY THIS JUNK!

  3. I enjoyed MTL for a long time but when I tried lowering the Nicotine it became a lot harder to go down so now I switched to DL because I still get the satisfaction from the nic and I can lower it to 3mg-6mg and after a few months completely go down to nic free and completely be done with smoking/vaping

  4. Hi I have been watching your videos for a while you are doing a great job keep it up.

    I have 2 questions about this mod

    First Does any flavor work on it?

    And how many times can I vape it like a month or two (i vape 3 times a day)?

    I am sorry my English is not good

  5. I have this exact one,(the black one) the only thing that's annoying is the top whare u load your e-liquid actually moves open all the time in your pocket. I paid $65 its worth it. Great vape experience.

  6. I plug it in to charge – 5 blue flashing lights – then the light goes out… should be a red charging light? it charges in the car but not via a phone charger or from my MacBook adapter from USB-C?

  7. just bought one and it's plain silver, using the Ripe Vapes flavor that has 0.6 mg of nicotine. my first vape ever and i love it only problem i'm having is with my taste gums (after so much vaping it tastes like rotten apple, happens to me also with any juice)

  8. I got the solid green, excellent device, have to buy some coils, but you can smoke while it’s charging. That’s a plus. Comes with 2 coils. Doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall apart. Highly recommend! I paid $31.00

  9. The single coil is awful. I have to hold the button away from me so it spits liquid out first (at 50w). With the dual coil, my liquid gets burnt at 70w (70/30 mixes). In both coils that 8t came with, the flavor has been meh. The button is too loose. Definitely turn it off before putting it in your pocket. And the fill top opens up in my pocket a lot. I got the quad coils ready to put in next. I think that will be what solves my issues. I love the look of mine (gold design) and the variable wattage. The price was perfect. I switched the drip tip first day to a smaller hole. Freemax is still my go-to vape company, despite my complaints here. Good review btw!

  10. My only vape pen device I have broke last night an I won't be able to get one until March. I want the black an white twister so bad. I wanted it since last march but I had to get the cheapest one. So I got the hoytech ego aio 22 an it just went out won't charge nothing. I guess I'm about go buy some ciggys because my nerves r jumping lol

  11. I had that model for three week, it has good flavor and it was decent. The only thing I don’t like is the built in battery 🔋. The battery takes about 3-4 hours to charge and the battery does die quick. I went to upgrade with the Nova 200 which allows you to remove the batteries and you can amp up the mod better than the free max

  12. Just bought one about two weeks ago. I do enjoy the stick mod but i do wish they would give you a faster charge cuase it doesnt last all day.

  13. Surely they could of stuck a 3000mah battery in there and it would of been perfect…I put my profile unity on a smok p25 battery and it was amazing and perfect…nice warm vape 3000mah battery at 60 watts just no adjustable wattage which is fine as I tend to run my mod on 55 to 60 watts anyways…

  14. Hi guys i just wanna ask if this unit is good for newbie/beginner? Coz i wanna switch to vape and quit smoking..any suggestions maybe? 😊


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