This game is SO inappropriate!! | The Pun Guys


John and Dan play “Personally Incorrect” and had no idea what they were in for!

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We make fun, of the English language. Because a little laughter,
goes a long way!

This game is SO inappropriate!!

The Pun Guys


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  1. So ive never heard of this but if its similar to CAH arent you suppose to not show your card to the other player?? lol

  2. 3:03 😲🤬🤨
    Dan, Jon!?! NOOOO sweetie…. That "gangbang" comment was NOT FUNNY! That is a VERY SERIOUS MATTER AND SO DAMN OFFENSIVE!? It refers to one PERSON being RAPPED by MULTIPLE PEOPLE, one after the other. Please don't say stuff like that cause we love you guys and saying that kind of stuff is, can and has been in the past definite career ending moments! Stick to the funny, yall do it SOOO WELL!!! 😎😉😍

  3. “ i have nothing against homeless people, otherwise I wouldn’t be hanging out with dan.”


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