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Put your detective hats on as we closely examine Bustin’ Out, Urbz, The Sims 2 and The Sims 2 pets on GBA. Will the mystery be solved?

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  1. There's such a lack of content on these games. I keep looping between videos like this every few months. Its such a niche interest but I'm more interested in this era of Sims than most of Sims 4 now. :/

  2. Not going to lie, I spent many hours playing Bustin’ Out on VBA. While it wasn't a typical game I would play, I for some reason I absolutely loved it, and there are days when I long for the feeling I felt back then.

  3. I always loved the grind. Things take forever to do, but that was a lot of the charm for me. When you finally get something done, you actually feel like you accomplished something. Games are so much faster paced these days. If that’s all you’ve played it’s impossible to take a step back and and really enjoy taking your time with something like this. Sims Bustin’ Out, and Urbz (both on gba) are in my top 5 games of all time. Years later I still play a lot of games, but I will always go back to these ❤️

  4. Just learned of you from EMP Lemon’s thumbnail video, and am not disappointed. Great to see a channel focusing more on lesser known ported handheld games.

  5. I have the actual cartridge of Sims 2 Pets and I never heard of the other ones so I was thinking, "I probably got the gold bar of the Sims GBA games." After watching the video my thoughts have drastically changed. Now that I think about the times I played the game, all I could remember was waiting, eating, peeing everywhere, and constantly not knowing what to do in the game, and running everywhere. I'm going to look for those other games and try them out.

  6. never had a GBA but man, I so much fking loved the urbz in the PS2. Are you ever gonna play them, sims in any console for that matter.

  7. The Urbz has been one of my favorite GBA games since I was a kid, I've beat it several times and personally love that the DS version is the same game with extra content (Splicer Island is great). I remember using that gamecube accessory to play the GBA version on my TV when I was a kid because I didn't like the actual gamecube version lmao

  8. I played the heck out of Sims 2 GBA. Strangetown and the characters really started to grow on me. And the walk around music was so chill and suitable.

  9. I actually LOVED the GBA versions way more than the pc versions. From the weird story missions, to waking up early and completing jobs to earn cash everyday, to choosing different houses and decorating them and the 50+ mario party like mini games. Knowing that in the URBz for instance when you get to the Bayou, you only realistically had a limited number of time to find food and had to use grills only before you ran out and died so you tried to complete all the quests there very very quickly.


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