The Perfect 18


On April 9, 2011, at a tournament in Richmond, an IT manager from North Carolina named Rick Baird notched 18 consecutive hole-in-one shots to record a perfect putt-putt score. In more than 50 years of sanctioned competition, it was only the third time that anyone had achieved the feat. Putt-putt is different from miniature golf. It’s played only on official courses; there are no pirate ships, no windmills, and no holes that cannot be conquered with one stroke—if you execute the perfect shot. Filmmaker Mickey Duzyj revisited that day in 2011 when Baird executed the perfect shot 18 times in a row, in this Victory Journal production for Grantland.

Directed by
Mickey Duzyj
Jeremy Johnstone

Produced by
Christopher Isenberg

Executive Producers
David Jacoby
Bill Simmons

Illustration & Title Design by
Mickey Duzyj

Animation by
Jeremy Johnstone

Edited by
Casimir Nozkowski

Director of Photography
Jeremy Johnstone

Sound Tech
Jesse Clark

Original Score by
Cory Gray

Audio Mix by
Seth Talley

Assistant Editors
Dan Lucal
Courtney Taniguchi

Additional Editing
Jeremy Johnstone

Illustration Assistant
Kyle Stecker

Color Correction & Compositing
Jeremy Johnstone

Production Coordinator
Michael Masse


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  1. What is crazy: for those who don’t know, this course just a few years later had another perfect 18. Greg Newport who spoke on this video is the most recent one.

  2. Wow. Fantastic! I loved the way you told this story. Really felt the impact of what a cool event this was in the minds of these guys and how special it was to them. I loved especially the way you placed those cards with other "perfect game" stats in to really build that up at the end. Excellent and subbed!

  3. Awesome video! I thought this was a channel with over million subscribers. Keep on posting and you will soon get there!


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