The Most Difficult Downhill Mountain Biking Courses – Descenders Gameplay


Welcome back to Descenders! Today I’m checking out some more player-made levels from the Descenders workshop and this time it’s all about extremely technical courses. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Descenders, thanks for watching and liking.

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Descenders is extreme downhill freeriding for the modern era, with procedurally generated worlds, and where mistakes have real consequences. Will you lead your team to glory and become the next legendary Descender?

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  1. Drae: I think the professional route is too hard for me, so I'll just go down and do the easy route.
    Me: Waiting for him to realize that the easy route is just the hard route as well as it being longer, wheras the hard route is just a shortcut to the end
    Video: Ends
    Me: Am I a joke to you?

  2. This shits fucking with me, this video was released on my birthday and my favorite hobby is mountain biking how more fucked can that get

  3. Jeez, glad I never picked this one up, the physics looks like absolute ass – janky, yet simple and arcade-y, really. I'd imagine you'd have to be pretty young to get any enjoyment out of this, when Lonely Mountains does a much better job capturing the spirit of DH MTB.

  4. This is a really good tutorial about MTB skills, now I am eager to go out on the Trail and really try to hit that jump and ignore the landing. If I fail a front flip I guess I could always just slide on my spine and ride off of it. What a great simulator how to break your face.

  5. drae, if you have difficulty taking a jump, pop earlier than the end of the jump and youll see a big increase in speed and its a big part of how jumps are played in this game, its just a bit hidden.


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