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Sellsword groups of Various sizes roam Essos, in the hopes of making coin from fighting other peoples wars. Telltale Game of Thrones has introduced us to one of the unnamed ones, who are known as The Lost Legion. It would be incredible if they showed up in Season Seven!

I may do quite a few more videos on the characters and houses in the Telltale Game of Thrones game, as well as some other lesser known things in the World of Ice and Fire. Its fun seeing lesser known things

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A Song Of Ice And Fire
Game of Thrones
Season 1 -6
Maester Atale
George R.R Martin
The Lost Legion
House Forrester

You guys should check out Alt Shift X , he made a video called: Valyrian steel: who has the swords that can defeat white walkers?

Alt Shift X is one of my favorite GoT channels, and if you enjoyed this channel You will absolutely love his videos!


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  1. Their is show canon and book canon so they are both canon in their universe, people are getting annoying

  2. Where you marked on the map isn't accurate. Those with Valyrian features are mostly found in Lys and Volantis

  3. God, I hate your voice – stop forcing that fake wise like tone…you sound like you are out of breath from pushing out a giant shit.

  4. Interesting stuff man, reminds me of that sellsword company from the North that wouldn't accept Aegon's rule and disagreed that Torrhen bent the knee. What were they called again? Something of the Rose?

  5. The reason why Daenerys does not have purple eyes is because the purple lenses the actress was supposed to wear so screwed up her sight she could not perform properly. So, they ditched the lenses and went with her natural color.


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