Social Political Agendas Make TERRIBLE Video Games










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  1. The ones who rule Hollywood (we know who) are coming for games to push their sick agenda into peoples minds. Solution is simple: DONT BUY!!

  2. I was used to the really old non feminine link then they changed him out of nowhere that ruined it and I see the non speaking now as not some mystical reason but some toxic politica* agenda likely they were forced to

  3. Another issue on top of all this was going from Battlefield 1 to Battlefield V, with V being a direct sequel and Battlefield 4 being in modern times. Everything was just fail with this game's release.

  4. Metroid prime is a awesome game it has no stupidy in it, It is what it was designed for Recreation.

  5. I swear these idiots I don't know why they don't just make things if their own? Oh I know to Cause division and drama and pretend to be a Inspiring Messiah the arrogance of these people.

  6. With cod ww2 they included races and such because of the sjw’s , and the sjw’s have the balls to complain about something that has happened because of those waste of skin and space

  7. I dont think there were any amputee commandos. ALSO THANK YOU FOR TALKING ABOUT SADIE. What a badass character that didnt feel like a fucking Mary Sue.

  8. I think that in order to integrate an ideology or social agenda into a story in a way that does not seem contrived, most people need to have integrated that ideology into their unconscious selves. Since the vast majority of people who are trying to do this in modern media do not believe in these agendas at a deep level but are trying to produce what their corporation believes will sell best, it tends to come across as jarring. Many of these people would likely describe themselves as having a particular set of beliefs – and they would be sincere because that is what their conscious mind believes. Strip away the interference of their rational conscious selves, using the Implicit Association Test or some other device, and they will likely be shown to hold some unconscious beliefs that are completely “unacceptable” among their peers. The truly dangerous are those propagandists who can seamlessly integrate a set of messages they do not believe at a deep level into a well told and compelling narrative in a way that one never quite realizes while enjoying the well-told story.

  9. I don’t think Sadie Adler is a good character. She’s the epitome of toxic masculinity but it’s cool she’s female. Also scenes like the one at the mansion in the swamp when it gets attacked and a 5”6 petite female overpowers and obliterates a gang of bandits just kills my immersion

  10. Sir, THANK YOU for making this content piece. AC Odyssey is another on that has become infected with the SJW bs. I greatly appreciate your stance on this issue.

  11. When making a game or movie high quality entertainment, isn't your top priority, then of course it'll be lower quality.

    When you push an agenda, you add being preachy to the shit sandwich. Double whammy

  12. That's what's so funny about this, female combatants did exist in WWII though, why not focus on them? Why make up a fictional version and one so ridiculous? Why not put a an actual instance in?

  13. I would have no problem with female characters in Battlefield if they made sense, for example Manon Batiste was the protagonist of Medal of Honor: Underground and that game was fine, and it made sense Manon was a member of the French resistance, and there were actual female members of the French resistance.

  14. The thing is that it could have worked if the women were part of the various resistance movements in occupied Europe. The Polish, German, and French resistance had female soldiers. The big boys like Britain, United States, and Canada did not allow women to fight in the front lines. They were usually relegated to arms factories, Medical and office work, and sometimes trained in base defense should things go awry.

  15. Title is a wrong, it should be "unrelated politics makes terrible games". Because, simply speaking, almost every game has a social or political agenda to some degree. Especially a game about WW2.

    Look, if you make a game where you fight nazis as the allies, then you already have a social and political agenda; namely that the allies are the good guys and it is acceptable to kill them (yes it is war, I am aware).
    The problem comes simply from shoving a social or political agenda into a setting that has nothing to do with it, e.g. feminism in WW2. This is the reason the game becomes terrible, because it feels forced and unnatural.

    However though, there are plenty of cases in WW2 that can be considered feminism, e.g. female polish resistance fighters waging a guerilla war against Nazi Grmany.
    Now if the game would be set around this case, then it could be a great game, because the political agenda doesn't feel forced and unnatural.

    Political and social agenda can make great games, and gamedev studios should have the courage to do it way more often. They just have to do it right, and not shove their beliefs down their customers throat, unkindly speaking.

  16. See, i think the main problem here in the beginning was weirdly narrowing down 'Immersion' in the first place. Immersion doesn't equal historical accuracy and vice versa, not the least bit, even though immersion can be achieved by historical accuracy among many, many other things. It doesn't even hang on realism. Immersive fiction is a thing, for very good reasons. The main point in immersion is suspension of disbelief and consistency in what you try to portrait.
    A WW2 battlefield with female amputee commandos can be absolutely immersive. A WW2 battlefield with rainbow kitten commandos that throw party pinatas and talk in anime pop culture refferences could be immersive at that.
    You have all the right to complain about historical accuracy, but afaik, battlefield never really was too keen on that nor did they advertise that specifically.
    "Most immersive" and "Most historically accurate" are not interchangable in any way though.
    So what gives?

  17. The game alone is bad with bad maps and will only get attention for hate instead of hype and fun with Bf1

  18. I don't agree with the feminist part in Red Dead Redemption 2 but of course in the real life wild west there were actually many female outlaws I would love to see them in all of their vile glory as they are actually quite interesting but you know feminists would be outraged to see what actual outlaws act like.

    sorry if this sounds confusing just really tired

  19. Thats not a WW2 game, they are not fighting German Nazis, have seen 0 swastikas on the enemies they kill.

  20. Anita Sarkeesian, have learned nothing from your bullsh*t from 2013? Do the gaming community and the industry a favor and either retire from your sucky-ass job, or shut your fu*king mouth because your words have already ruined things and we don't want it at all. If you have any soul in you, then please don't you fu*king dare to go Infinity Ward and tell them how to make COD MW.

  21. I wasn’t going to buy battlefield 5 since it was another historical/world war 2 type of game, I got CoD 5 I don’t need another game in that time era.

  22. Battlefield 5 is really good gameplay-wise. But it just comes to show the effect of being an asshole to your customers, and hand-fisting politics into your game.

  23. my friend if you do not like games with women do not have to be connecting everything now with feminism and these crap, in a few minutes you are going to attack the fighting games and also saying that you can not have women or blacks in them


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