Skate It Review for Nintendo Wii


I bought this game in 2008, and traded it in about a week later. I was expecting to still hate it, but it was actually pretty good!

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  1. I played this when I was a kid and I played it for like 5 years very fun, learned some glitches and hippie flip glitches to. But I have to disagree , the controls made the game incredibly easy and consistent for me, also never experienced problems with power slides, probably just turning to hard to be honest.

  2. I am very late for this video but since we can't get a skate 4 (for now,at least) can we get a skate it remaster for new day consoles?

  3. Pretty late comment but if you didn't know there was a mobile port of skate it for the old iPhone and iPad gens if you would like to test it i do have a mint iPod with the since removed game.

  4. I got so good at this game 🤣 I missed out on Skate 1,2. I like the not open world aspect of it. All the fun spots in one Area. Don't have to skate forever to get to the good area. Hall of meat was hilarious

  5. It's funny how he complains about the games when he just cant admit that he sucks at them…like dude ya a game can be shitty but u can still master it lmfao! He just sucks, and complains way to much!

  6. Imagine EA and Dreamworks working together again to make a Skate film, with someone actually playing as Retta

  7. … Uh! I'm a nice dude, with some nice dreams
    See these ice cubes, see these Ice Creams?
    Eligible bachelor, million dollar boat
    That's whiter than what's spilling down your throat
    The Phantom, exterior like fish eggs
    The interior like suicide wrist red

  8. It's wierd because I never had a problem with powerslides and I for sometime didnt even know how to powerslides. I had a fun time with skate it on the wii

  9. I remember me thinking that you actually had to flip the wii remote 300 wii motes later I beat the game… XD

  10. Wait a fuckin second.. if san vanlona has been evacuated then i suppose paris and all the other world type levels have been too?


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