SanDisk Extreme vs. Extreme Pro – Speed Test


A comparison of the Sandisk Extreme and the Sandisk Extreme Pro SD cards. Which one should you buy and why? Is the Extreme Pro worth the extra money?

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NOTE: This is a test between 2 x 128GB SDXC Class 10 U3 UHS-I cards. It is not testing the newer (currently not widely supported) UHS-II variety.

I’ve always been curious to test the difference in speed between these 2 cards types but I’ve never had exactly the same spec card in two different types. As I do now, I thought it would be a good opportunity to do a spec check and some unscientific testing. I must stress that this test is fairly unscientific. It’s still a good comparison however as the cards are being tested on the same system under exactly the same conditions.

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  2. Was just watching this and when he said that 4k cameras transfer at 200-300 mbs I thought, 'nuh bru, this video must be old'

  3. Thanks a lot for the video. I understand it's about the video editors, but it would be also very useful if you could test and compare speeds of SMALL files operations, as it well known particularly could be the bottleneck of SD card's speed

  4. Dam, came here hoping that there was actually some variety in testing but you can clearly tell on paper that one has higher write speeds than the other.
    The 512GB A2 Extreme and Pro version state exact same write speeds with a +10MB/s on the Read, not a huge winner on paper. so it really makes this a hard choice.
    thanks for the video tho.

  5. vlogging and driving? C'mon man, you're so distracted that you couldn't even tell that you're driving on the wrong side of the road! SMH

  6. THANKS for that. so many videos explaining the same things, none actually get to the point – is it actually relevant. really helped me out thanks again.

  7. Your math is all well and good but my GH5S does 400 mbit 4K all-I and it doesn’t work with either of these cards, it isn’t fast enough in real world use. These are V30 cards which are guaranteed to get at leas 30mb/s writes in camera, for anything over 250 mbits you need a V60 card

  8. Does this speed depend on my system specifications? I have a core i5 3rd gen, 4gb ddr3 ram and 500gb hdd but my extreme pro card 64gb give read speed of max 80mbps and write speed of max 45mbps..

  9. Understand that the difference is big between Extreme and Extreme Pro, if I'm choosing one for my GoPro Hero7, which one should I go for? Can you recommend one please? Thanks

  10. It may be important to note that the performance of the Extreme Pro vs. Extreme will have a much more significant difference on non-sequential writes. But when does this apply? Only if you're in the habit of deleting/discarding photos and videos (e.g. during review) and then continuing to shoot without formatting the card (after backup of course). So as the free space on the card becomes fragmented ("holes" freed up by deleted files), you will notice the difference in "non-sequential" or "random" writes.

  11. You are wrong in this topic, for video what really counts is the mínimum sustained write speed, with yout 2 cards is 30 mbs, so the two of them have exactly the same speed for video
    For Photography applies yor test.


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