Review: SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD (1TB)


SanDisk’s Extreme Portable SSD (Amazon: or B&H: can help pick up the slack on a storage-strapped MacBook Pro. This is a USB-C USB 3.1 Gen 2 SSD. 550MB/s Read Max. Includes USB-C Cable and USB-A Adapter.

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  1. I'm thinking between this and the 1TB Samsung T5, which is more expensive where I live. Should I spend the extra 40-50 bucks on the Samsung?

  2. 30 May 20 ––portable-solid-state-drive.product.100527741.html $139.00

  3. Does it have a battery included?
    Or ir needs to be plugged all the time to the USB?
    Can it receive and send data wirelessly?

  4. Bought one of these to back up a MacBook Air, and while it may advertise as being fast, it is very slow. Over 5 hours to backup 74GB.

  5. he i have a acer chromebook r13 with the portable ssd that supports 550mb/s but my chromebook with it can only get 30mb/s HOW pls help!!!!

  6. I’ve got and issue trying to use the USB A converter as charger-converter for my iPad Pro with use USB c cable and didn’t work, I’m just wondering if that happened because it’s just data transfer and won’t transfer energy.

    I’ll appreciate if someone helps me.

  7. Just Bought one from Office Works its doing 40MB/s over USB3 with the supplied cable, I have heard that the supplied cable is not compatible tho, which is kinda strange as its supplied with the claimed 550MB/s

  8. THIS IS SO WEIRD!!! I just bought my first pair of airpods today, and I bought this Sandisk ssd with it, crazy that you compared them in size

  9. i got 2 of these, there pretty nice. ones 250 and the other is 500. i got em for around 40 and 80. real convientient, me personally i use one between my computers to transfer files, and one as an all around back up. im just curious about the life. i dont really throw it arond or anything, but it seems more stable if it does fall. my dog has knocked over a hard drive and I just got that zippy spinning sound. I just never know when I eject, is when its actually safe to pull it out because theres no light and the thing is so quiet as well you can hear it. im impressed with these drives though and for the price. I look at it as a lard sd with a case but thats just me.

  10. thumbs down for not liking the rubbery back that "attracts lint" lol id rather attract lint then have my drive sliding around the table…..

  11. Sayaa ada SanDisk extreme portable SSD(1TB). Model :SDSSDE60-1TOO.
    Dijual murahh saja..
    (Ninggalin no wa :085780136619) Tq.
    Makasih ya koko..

  12. Hey I just emptied out 150GB but the Sandisk SSD is not recognizing it and still shows as almost being full. How can I fix it?


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