PREPARE TO CRY! – Finding Paradise #1


Playing the sequel to the moon. Finding paradise, its time to cry again

Finding Paradise:
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  1. The rescued bird story could been made more meaningful but w/e. And don't ask what it is because it's flame bait for people

  2. Years now is 2020 and i have never seen this video before as why becuse i don't like new PewDiePie so much, i like the old PewDiePies voice and the mr chair and Etc.

  3. Dear Pewds….
    I've watched a lot of video game series with you.
    TwD, Slender games, LiS, brothers, Until Dawn, beyond two souls, and now to the moon is going to be finished.
    My parents don't like video games so I've never really had the chance to play games for myself, I've always ended up watching a select few youtubers play all the games I've wanted to play.
    But now…I got the opportunity to play finding paradise. And it'll be the first story game I've ever played on my own. And the first time I'm playing a story game to the finishing point without watching a youtuber play through first.
    Just wanted to say thank you for being there for me to enjoy video games when I couldn't firsthand

  4. its 2020 and im still rewatching this…. i love pewds playing rpg games like this :')).. I hope he plays the Part 3 of the story (imposter factory) in gaming week :'))

  5. Gosh It's like I'm 4 years late and I feel like I should rewatch to the moon because I forgot how everything started but WHEN THE WORLD IS NO MORE THE MOON IS ALL WE SEE

  6. Comparing To The Moon Pewds to Finding Paradise Pewds I realized something.

    He turned from our bro into our mafia boss.

  7. If a third addition of this game comes out, Please play it! I know you don't get your normal views on this but I would really appreciate it! Is Math related to Science?

  8. Man, pewds has also done a Let's play like this back in 2017 too. I think people just love complaining that he doesn't play games, but in reality, he does play games that he genuinely finds interesting or has some sort of connection to.


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