Postopia | A Nostalgic Retrospective


Get your bowls & spoons out, because we’re taking a look at an old, peculiar game portal from back in the day.

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Big Barney Chase:
Postopia Mini Golf:
Postopia Commercial:
Lost Media Wiki Article:

Bad Snacks – Kawaii!

Thanks again for watching. I’ll see you all next video…..


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  1. Just to anger some and stroke the nostalgia ego of others, the ranking of cereal kids games goes as follows: Millsberry > Postopia > whatever mess Kellogg was trying to pass off and failed at doing so.

  2. I remember playing on the site a TON. There are bits and pieces of memories of the ones you featured in the video along with the room designer. The golf one was my #1 favorite though. Little blips of images come to mind of the other games but not much else.

  3. Im telling you man thus type of content is what theyre gonna come to yohr channel for. The way you talk is good to listen to. Definitly make more of these "remember this" type videos

  4. Damn, i always had some distant memories of this page with the weirdest yet most addicting games ever and now i've found it. Cheers to the developers, we had fun for years 😀

  5. I liked this video until 8:21… I disagree with your statement that games that run on Shockwave & Flash don't belong in the modern world just because support for those plug-ins is ending. They're an important part of history that should be preserved for future generations to play (like the original Super Mario Bros. from 1985) and it's possible to make them work in modern times because of people like LFS97. Also, I have a theory that all Shockwave & Flash games might still run smoothly on an old computer with Windows XP, IE6 and no updates, as updates are the sole cause for the breakdown of S&F games.

  6. I loved postopia so much , missed it a lot!!! Hopefully one day it can be reinstated even if there is just one playing.

  7. Say, thanks for making this! BTW, I was the one who helped make the Lost Media Wiki page (it started out as a thread on the LMW forum, and I figured that I (along with a few other users) would turn it into an article on the wiki)

  8. We have decided to create a discord server for saving these games, here is a link if you want to join:

  9. My first ever experience with video games… I still remember it felt like another world entirely. It blew my mind when I was like 4 and I've never experienced anything comparable since. Even though it was just a bunch of flash games based on post characters and cereals. I just looked up the website on the box and that was it. It's long gone now and I can barely find any footage of it at all either… I mean a few of the games but thats it. The minigolf one the flintstones platformer, the weird honeycomb alien fight thing (which I can't find any footage for…), the waffle one, I used to just play them all day.

    The minigolf game in particular felt like another world… It was awesome.

  10. Crazy I had a dream about Postopia. I was trying to get Zander back to the others 😂 It was like I was live action in that gem game lol

  11. this was a very good video, postopia was a really important website for me in my childhood and it really breaks my heart that most of it is missing


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