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Stunning Sand Storm Actions
How to Install and Use Actions
In this video
i have showed you how to create stunning sand Storm effect using Photoshop actions. in this video we will also learn how to download Install and use Photoshop Actions.

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  1. I am having trouble using this action. I'm using the last Photoshop Classic version, and at the end the image appears with a huge zoom and I don't see where the effect was made, because it zooms in to one of the "corners" of the image. Thank you

  2. hi bro , i am using PS cc 2017 always shown (the command select is not currently available) in any action file use , so please help bro

  3. (The Select "command" is currently unavailable) this error I get I if want to start it. I have choose the right version. Where is the Problem? Must the background black?

  4. thanks so much for the link, I've been looking all over for this and finally found it, i will gladly share this video. thank you so much

  5. Not work for me. It's always show up " Command "Select" is currently not available " I try so many times many ways still not working for me. Please tell me how to fix this issue.

  6. hi this one is amazing but somehow when the action is performing midway i got this error "The Command "select" is currently unavailable" – continue or stop.. I'm using PS CC 2017.. hope you can help me thanks

  7. It is wonderful, somehow it did not work in my MacBook PS cc 2017, It stops with the remark 'Command "Select" is currently not available. Is there any setting issue at my end. if you give me your email, I can send screen shot. regards

  8. Thank you Adnan for the wonderful clear tutorials you show and the marvelous actions you let us use! Very happy to have found your Youtube channel! 🙂


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