Pac-Man World 2 [22] 100% GameCube Longplay


(time codes are below) Pac-Man World 2 is a 2002 platformer. The ghost gang : Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde, remove the five golden fruits from the tree in the center of Pac-Village thus accidentally unleashing a great evil named Spooky upon Pac-World.

0:00:39 – Introductory Cut-scenes
0:04:49 – Pac-Village
0:12:25 – The Bear Basics
0:17:22 – The Bear Basics Time Trial
0:18:39 – Canyon Chaos
0:26:31 – Canyon Chaos Time Trial
0:28:32 – Pac-Dot Pond
0:34:28 – Pac-Dot Pond Time Trial
0:35:57 – Blinky’s Killer Frog
0:37:54 – B-Doing Woods
0:46:08 – B-Doing Woods Time Trial
0:48:02 – Treewood Forest
0:59:23 – Treewood Forest Time Trial
1:01:55 – Butane Pain
1:14:28 – Butane Pain Time Trial
1:17:25 – Inky’s Blade-O-Matic
1:19:38 – Ice River Run
1:31:17 – Ice River Run Time Trial
1:33:45 – Avalanche Alley
1:46:20 – Avalanche Alley Time Trial
1:51:07 – Blade Mountain
2:01:53 – Blade Mountain Time Trial
2:05:08 – Pinky’s Revenge
2:07:39 – Into The Volcano
2:18:06 – Into The Volcano Time Trial
2:21:31 – Volcanic Panic
2:32:21 – Volcanic Panic Time Trial
2:36:24 – Magma Opus
2:48:35 – Magma Opus Time Trial
2:52:00 – Clyde In The Caldera
2:59:02 – Scuba Duba
3:07:50 – Scuba Duba Time Trial
3:11:18 – Shark Attack
3:19:38 – Shark Attack Time Trial
3:22:45 – Yellow Pac-Marine
3:33:00 – Yellow Pac-Marine Time Trial
3:41:17 – Whale On A Sub
3:44:42 – Haunted Boardwalk
3:54:23 – Haunted Boardwalk Time Trial
3:58:08 – Night Crawling
4:08:08 – Night Crawling Time Trial
4:11:17 – Ghost Bayou
4:35:38 – Ghost Bayou Time Trial
4:37:41 – Concept Art
4:41:34 – Spooky (Final Boss)
4:46:40 – Ending Cut-scene
4:48:30 – Credits


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  1. Unlike the arcade games, ghosts only deal 1 wedge out of your hit point. Where the arcade games, they kill you in one hit.

  2. you have unlocked so many memories from when i was kid, i thank you a lot, i remember playing this game with my dad when i was around 6 years old, you have earned a sub

  3. 999 comments, so i did the 1000th

    Cliche comment aside, our yellow boy's 40th had passed and, wow… we havent got a new mainline Pac-Man title since 2016's CE 2 (not counting the 2018 Switch enhanced re-release)

  4. The hardest parts for me when you go through the forest through the saw blades and fire flames and I ended up stopping on the pinky boss in the snowy area I didn’t even know what to do and you just had to ram on to her wow!

  5. This game was everything for me, shortly after I bought pac man world rally and loved everything related to pac man.. I was 8 years old and let me tell you all my friends would come over to my pad helping me out with some difficult courses. Man those were the days.. I’m 22 now and I was just hit with a memory from my past and it led me here.. might need to get the o’l ps2 out again

  6. Yo jugaba este juego en las máquinitas durante mi infancia cuando tenía entre 11 y 12 años cuando cuando deje de jugarlo, ahora tengo 21 y cuando tenga la oportunidad volveré a jugarlo y si llego a tener hijos se los regalaré

  7. O jogo apela pra de tudo um pouco, um pouco de Mario, Sonic, Crash,Donkey Kong.
    Que decepção um jogo sem identidade.

  8. I always thought it was inky:blue; blinky:red; pinky:obvio; Clyde: orange.. but yeah loved this game as a child


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