One Motion Shot Vs Two Motion Shot: How to Shoot a Basketball



Today you will learn the key to getting perfect one motion basketball shot. Many players have too flat of a shot arc because they are two motion shooters. The odds are that a two motion shot will hurt your shooting percentage. So try these tips out and see if a one motion shot is something that you should add to your game!

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  1. I'm medium height for my age and have a two motion shot according to this video. I have a nice vertical and drain shots from the mid (where I like to be), but will it work from the perimeter?

  2. I have a two motion shot and I’m not that tall but my shot works and I tried a 1 motion shot and I bricked every thing so I sticked with the two motion shot

  3. Their two motions with me! Until I was almost 10, I needed 2 motions to take of my undies! Or I’d be confined inside my undies!

  4. I have a two motion shot, and I can barely hit any shots, I would switch but I'm extremely uncomfortable shooting with a 1 motion shot.

  5. Two motion means when ball pauses and does not matter if ball is over head or front of the face, because Kyrie Irving and Kobe bryant are two motion shooters at the same time. This video is trash

  6. Isn’t there a pause in a one motion shot? You bring it to your eyebrow and then snap forward? I can’t figure out how to keep it all in one motion…also is shooting a “push” or a bring up and snap?

  7. I discovered that a one motion shot worked a lot better for me before I even knew there was a name for such a thing. Also, it's funny that you mention guys like Lebron and Kobe having two motion shots because I think in situations where a player is shooting a turnaround or a fadeaway jumper, a two motion shot is absolutely necessary.

  8. This is so old but this is what i know. When you shoot major sources of power come from your legs and the momentum when you bring the ball up to the set point. A smaller source is definitely the arm holding the ball. The idea of one motion shot is to maximize the momentum because you dont stop the ball mid-air. By contrast two motion shot only depends on your arm to shoot the ball. As you can see players close to the rim often use this. Because they are close so the shot doesnt need too much power. Fadeaway applies the same concept. In my opinion you should practice both. Driving to the rim and stopping suddenly requires a two motion shot( because defenders would be very close to you so rising up for the shot makes it impossible to guard). Shooting 3's requires the one motion shot because its way more easier to generate power. Wont many will read this but i hope it helps some

  9. He is describing a type of two motion shot called a hitch shot where it goes behind the shooters head. A normal two motion is above the head but not behind and jumping with a set point. What im basically saying the shooter jumps after he brings the ball up and releases at the peak of the jump. One motion is correct though as that requires less energy and minimum jumping as there is no pausing and no set point at all its straight, fluid and higher arcing in most cases. Best cases for two motion is Mj/Kobe, LeBron, Dirk and Larry (Hitch but extend fully out so they get arc which is surprisingly hard), Kawhi and Kyrie (Barely a two motion but has a set point). One motion examples are Steph (poster boy for one motion), Klay, Dame, Harden, Reddick, and D'Lo.

  10. as a 5ft8in 14 year old point guard i prefer 1 motion because i shoot 3s most of the time and its kinda easier to not get blocked, also my friend who is 6ft tall 14 year old center shoots a 2 motion and rarely scores a 3 (obvious tho) but is amazing at layups and mid shots and he can nearly dunk

  11. how about some one motion shot drills for people moving from 2 piece to one piece — thanks

  12. i thought simply 1 motion is shooting on the way up from a jump whereas 2 motion is shooting near the peak of the jump

  13. How can I get the no motion shot. I'm thinking since one motion is better than two, no motion should be best cuz nobody could block it. Lmk guys. Thanks!

  14. Tbh, a two motion shot isn't necessarily flat. I have a two motion jump shot and I've always shot the ball with a high arc. I guess the only problem with this is that you need a lot of power from your legs (jumping) and arms (shooting). Check out Nikola Jokic, he has a two motion shot that has a high arc.

  15. please make a video on how to shoot single form shot for folks like me 5'10 age over 30 and slightly with belly fat. 🙂 coz i've been watching Steph curry shots and i can't do them at all…. it's impossible that shot seems like fits his body and not mine

  16. I agree with the comments below in saying that this is 50% correct. It really comes down to how late you release the ball more than anything. For example, Russell Westbrook has a two motion shot, but he doesn't bring the ball backwards. It's only because he shoots it very near or at the top of his jump, rather than while he is still rising, like Stephen Curry.
    After studying numerous players' forms and habits, I can say that players with great midrange game and fadeaways have more of a two motion shot, because they bring it higher and shoot at the top of their jump, which allows them to shoot over defenders. 3 point specialists usually shoot it further in front of their face and don't bring it as high because it requires less strength and as a result, is more consistent no matter how tired they are.

  17. I shoot better one motion, but I am a kobe guy, I shoot fades a lot with a two motion and I never get blocked or off balance because the space I get but if i'm open for a jumper I can't hit with 2 motion I'm like 40% on two motion mid range and 70% one motion mid range but on fades its the opposite. Should I use both, for the right times?

  18. I really need help with my shot I really don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.:/ it’s just so ugly and I’m trying to fix on what I’m doing wrong.

  19. Is it normal if I use a one motion shot when I'm wide open but still use a 2 motion shot when I'm of the dribble like on a pull up and when I'm being guarded??


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