One Hour of Terrifying Video Game Music



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0:00 Unwelcome Visitors –Uncharted –Greg Edmonson
1:21 Ganado 4 –Resident Evil 4 –Misao Senbongi
3:45 Mausoleum Suite –Halo 2 –Martin O’Donnell
4:45 Titan Station Elementary –Dead Space 2 –Jason Graves
7:28 Dark Rooms –Luigi’s Mansion –Kazumi Totaka
9:21 Novistadors –Resident Evil 4 –Misao Senbongi
11:17 Terror –The White Chamber –Zakir Rahman
15:02 Zant –Twilight Princess –Koji Kondo
16:36 Attack (Brute 1) –Amnesia Dark Descent –Mikko Tarmia
17:50 Idle Theme 3 –Amy –Eric Whyed
21:03 Mephiles’ Whisper –Sonic the Hedgehog –Masato Nakamura
22:09 Hidden Lab –F.E.A.R. 2 –Nathan Grigg
23:28 Interview –Condemned 2 –Nathan Grigg
24:46 Floodgate –Halo 3 –Martin O’Donnell
26:49 Giygas –Earthbound –Keiichi Suzuki
30:52 Abyss of Fear –Arkham Asylum –Nick Arundel
33:48 Strains of Insanity –Chrono Trigger –Nobuo Uematsu
35:04 Ripple Star Catacombs –Kirby 64 –Jun Ishikawa
36:32 Shadow Temple –Ocarina of Time –Koji Kondo
38:15 Ambience 3 –Amnesia Dark Descent –Mikko Tarmia
40:04 River Twigz Bed –SPM –Naoko Mitome
41:20 Pyramid Head –Silent Hill 2 –Akira Yamaoka
44:24 Cyanide Systems Offline –Dead Space –Jason Graves
47:40 Echo in the Night –RE4 –Misao Senbongi
50:18 Old Chateau –Pokémon DV – Hitomi Sato
52:06 Fates Worse Than Death –Resistance –David Bergeaud
52:43 Ikana Valley –Majora’s Mask –Koji Kondo
54:51 Padded Room With A View –DS2 –Jason Graves
55:50 Ambience 15 –Amnesia Dark Descent –Mikko Tarmia
56:52 Sacred Icon Suite –Halo 2 –Martin O’Donnell
57:53 Twinkle Twinkle –Dead Space –Jason Graves
59:53 Surprise

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  1. Thumbs up. Thanks for the music it's really twisted, weird and crazy – The White Chamber 11:18. Got it on my saved list.I may use it for Doom 2 map stage music. I've also enjoyed the first track from Nosferatu (SNES) Playthrough – NintendoComplete – Masanao Akahori composed the music.

  2. RE4 still holds so much replayability it's insane, I beat it about 30-40 times since 2005 and I'm considering a quick run around Halloween

  3. That last one. (Not the jumpscare) I thought was seriously creepy. Something about innocent things entwined with horror just gives me the chills.

  4. Since Halloween is in 20 days, I stopped putting this video off. The only games that I had never heard of were White Chamber, Amy, and Condemned 2. The only games that I actually played were Ocarina of Time, Kirby 64, and Majora's Mask. But since I never made it far in either of those games, this was the first time that I heard any of these songs.

    EDIT- 11:45 A.M.: finished video

    What game was that from?

  5. I'm surprised that there's no Metroid Prime music on this list. The Prime series really had some eerie and unsettling music for example
    Phazon Mines Level 3Prime 1
    Impact CraterPrime 1
    Dark Agon WastesPrime 2
    QuadraxisPrime 2
    The Valhalla's DepthsPrime 3
    PhaazePrime 3
    Also instead of putting Ganado 4RE4 music, you could've put Somber InterludeResident Evil Remake Now that's a masterpiece there.


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