Mikoto Nikki – Yandere Scavenger Hunt, Manly Let's Play (All Endings)


Mikoto Nikki is a “Yandere RPG Maker Game” made by the creator of Yanderella, Charon. Like Yanderella it features a protag that should really talk nicer to people and start wearing a stab proof vest. Video features all endings.

Game Playlist:
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“Anime police really don’t seem to care.”

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  1. A game about a yandere and manly here just looks at the good option, has an audible inner struggle then selects the bad choice.
    real wanna die boy hours.

  2. I just want to note that it's not all the endings. There's one more bad one when you don't have the flashlight. I didn't find what happens if you hug Mikoto and choose "don't say anything" though.

  3. Underneath the table that was sitting far away from the bookshelf which included a bedframe near the metal box to the left side of the wheelchair on top of the books lay between inside the check marker

    …there was a torn diary scrap…

  4. Fun little thing about Mikoto Nikki this is actually his very first game he made Charon very first game. So not bad for his first game I thought you did a good job.

  5. When people are badly abused, their ability to comprehend their own actions deteriorate because of stress and mental illness. The true end is very sweet. Kindness and love are important to the healing process.

  6. >be me
    >be autistic
    >played this game a while ago
    >got the true happy ending on the first try
    >realized i was a chad all along
    >but still lonely irl have no gf

  7. 04:16 Is this Majo- Witch's House MV theme I hear? Or one of the similar sounding RPGmaker song?

    Edit: Oh, nvm, I'm pretty sure this IS the song also used for the title screen of the Witch's House MV. Not sure if the original shares the music with it tho.

  8. I keep waiting for Mikoto to bust through the room that your in and yell , " WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE ?!? "


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