Longplay of Cabela's Outdoor Adventures


Longplay of Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures, played as the NTSC version on the GameCube. This game’s version was released on Sep. 13th, 2005. Please give the video a like! Timecodes are below:

0:00:26 – Opening
0:06:02 – Washington Country Cinematic
0:06:46 – Washington Country: Fall
0:10:53 – Washington Country: Winter
0:15:26 – Henry Mountains Cinematic
0:16:18 – Henry Mountains: Summer
0:23:01 – Henry Mountains: Fall
0:30:02 – West Klickitat Cinematic
0:30:44 – West Klickitat: Fall
0:35:32 – West Klickitat: Winter
0:37:17 – Delta Country Cinematic
0:38:00 – Delta Country: Fall
0:44:46 – Delta Country: Winter
0:47:49 – Prince of Wales Cinematic
0:48:36 – Prince of Wales: Summer
0:52:47 – Prince of Wales: Fall
0:55:39 – White Pine Country Cinematic
0:56:28 – White Pine Country: Summer
1:00:32 – White Pine Country: Fall
1:02:26 – Taylor’s Island Cinematic
1:03:14 – Taylor’s Island: Fall
1:05:56 – Taylor’s Island: Winter
1:08:19 – Kerr Country Cinematic
1:09:06 – Kerr Country: Spring
1:11:05 – Kerr Country: Winter
1:14:09 – Saskatchewan Cinematic
1:14:54 – Saskatchewan: Fall
1:18:18 – Saskatchewan: Winter
1:20:25 – Chihuahua Cinematic
1:21:12- Chihuahua: Summer
1:24:19 – Chihuahua: Fall
1:26:45 – Southern Alps Cinematic
1:27:40 – Southern Alps: Fall
1:30:29 – Southern Alps: Winter
1:33:53 – Ending
1:35:25 – Credits

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  1. I'm a big fan of cabelas old hunting games like this ofcourse my ps2 was stolen with all my games I miss it I was 7 when the ps2 was stolen I miss it so much now I'm 13

  2. My favorite map is Washington county winter I chased a deer on a frozen lake finally shot it with I think a 270 I went in hunting towers to alot to have a better sight for deer

  3. This brings back my child hood on the ps2 I used to spend all day till night on that game I love cabelas I like old hunting games like this more than new ones

  4. I used to to play this game a lot and I really didn’t knew what to do I always looked for that bear or that aircraft because I wanted to fly it

  5. I live in Washington County Pennsylvania and there are literally no elk here, like that is not a real thing. That always drove me nuts about this game.

  6. HOW in the world do you find and shoot them so quickly? It takes my cousin and I 10 to 20 minutes to stalk them.

    I'm actually new to video games. When I was young I had bad epileptic seizures(I very rarely have one anymore), so I couldn't play them. My uncle gave me a copy of this game for Gamecube and it's compatible with our first-edition Wii(with a Gamecube memory card and controller).

  7. I loved the shit out of this game. I managed to built up a nice trophy room and get all the animals. I do wish they added birds to hunt and a few more locations as well more animals like Mountain lions, wolverines, Alligators, Musk Ox etc.

  8. This game was my childhood but it recently stopped working. Is there anyway anyone could ship me the game for game cube?

  9. I have a lot of memories from this game. Chasing moose in the snow, shooting wolves point blank in the head with a bow multiple times and they're still alive, shooting things from a million miles away through the trees, clunky slow atvs…..

  10. Cabela seems like a pretty big franchise but I wouldn’t call this game very good, unless you’re a big fan of real life hunting. This game allows you to choose between a wide variety of weapons, camo and tools. Unfortunately, the tracking seems to be no good. I tried to demonstrate this in the first couple of hunts, but the rendering distance is far too short which renders the binoculars worthless. The aim of the game is to kill specific type of deer during each hunting season. All deer show up as orange dots on your mini-map, but this also includes the deer you're not allowed to shoot. Shooting the wrong one gets you a warning. This is where the binoculars and such are supposed to come in handy. Fortunately you can have three warnings before you get kicked off, so the strategy is basically to just shoot every deer you see and hope for the best. A bit of RNG is necessary, but not a whole lot. The later levels seemed to be the easiest. Also, the auto-aim is extremely overpowered and let’s you shoot from WAY too far. This makes the game feel really broken. Playing on higher difficulties will get rid of things such as auto-aim or the minimap, thus forcing you to use more of your hunting skills (which, again, the game doesn't seem to allow very well). You also start off with less cash, so that means you just grind the shooting range a couple of extra rounds to end up with enough cash. I decided to keep the game on easy and just rush through all the maps to show them off, as I thought it wouldn't have been very fun to watch me run across each field for over half an hour to an hour on medium/hard mode without the minimap/autoaim.


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