James Cameron's AVATAR: The Game (PS3) – Part 1 [Overview]


In this video, I play through Avatar, recorded and edited by myself with HDPVR2 to make my own original playthrough

Watch the FULL WALKTHROUGH in HD here:

James Cameron’s AVATAR: The Game (PS3) – Part 1 [Overview]


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  1. This is an old video. I redid the full walkthrough in HD here. Please watch it instead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8JVbpWDbzc&list=PLrXlEm4MgsbMGtvVoa-AX6Ib3kmxcqucL&index=2&t=0s

  2. 1.) Log in to your existing PlayStation Network account (or create a new PlayStation Network account).
    2.) In the James Cameron's Avatar: The Game menu, select "Extras".
    3.) Then select "Unlockable Content".
    4.) Enter the activation key.

  3. is the camera anoyying in the game and is it hell hard since it seems in every video the player is always running away

  4. Avatar is kinda free world they send you a massive area/map to complete missions, within this map that is actually pretty big, there is a set of missions, after. You leave to another massive location completely different from the previous and complete missions, you can then take flights to return to previous maps to roam and complete challenges. Just finished the Na'vi story took 15 hours+

  5. ..the movie is ..i think not bad, but the view from the guy wich you play is shit!..and the graphic as well!

    ..the other new released games(like assassins creed 2 or call of duty mw2) are so much better!!

  6. ever play a game for a movie?huh?well usually the graphics are crap cuz they try to copy it and it always turns out bad.

  7. @33Dannyb not really. Wolverine came out before the movie. It's kinda the new thing to do when they make a game from movies

  8. all i can giv this is okay graphics…thats it nothin special (its a movie game… so wat do u expect?)

  9. it's still won't work, it's because it has parts of the trailer that is copyrighted, but you can try using a proxy so youtube doesn't detect your ip (because the video isn't blocked in the US/UK)

  10. Not my fault. It's copyrighted outside. It did that the minute I uploaded it. I'm in Canada too but the large majority of m viewers are in the US anyway.

  11. so why borther uploading it youtube is not about uk people we australians are the way of life hey tika how u doin babe u keeping it clean down there?


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