I.C.U. – The Interactive Horror Game Show [Kickstarter Video]


Please support the Kickstarter if you want to see this project come to life! ►►
So here it is. After a year and a half of secret development- it’s my absolute pleasure to welcome you all to I.C.U.

I.C.U. is a horror game set on a reality TV show controlled by a live Twitch.tv audience. It is essentially s a multiplayer game played between a live-streamer (the contestant) and their viewers (the audience). As the contestant, your goal is to make it out of the episode alive! As the viewer, your role is to customize the surroundings, features, and events of the episode to create the most entertaining experience possible!

For my followers that have no idea what this is, I’d recommend watching this video first:

For everyone else- hi! I.C.U. might be a little unlike most games you’ve seen in recent years. We’ve built the project from the ground up to play on the interaction between Livestreamer and Audience in a way that hasn’t really been attempted before. I hope you’ll enjoy what you see and consider joining the backer family on Kickstarter!

For more personal updates on development, check out my Twitter here:

Nguồn: https://atfilms.info/

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  1. so is this game a scam? it's been 4 years, you cried crocodile tears to get the money and now all it seems like you do is stream.

  2. Well, shit’s happened.

    This game’s effectively in cryostasis. It’s not fucking going anywhere. Just saying. I just looked at the Kickstarter.

  3. Sad it never made it off the ground all that money made feel more like a scam gimmick then a real product.

  4. Criken did your game die or something? I haven't heard anything in the last 6 months. Did the whole lawsuit mess up the development?

  5. I gave some money to this but I have not seen or heard anything about the game in 6 months so is this game going to come out or not ???

  6. I wanna see some modifiers that change the level itself, also some kind of gauntlet type thing instead of a monster.

  7. Hey Criken! (Love your videos) You were one of my first youtubers I've ever subscribed to years ago, and am still subscribed to. I see you've gotten the kickstarter done, but have you considered having Markiplier or RPGMinx or CinnamonToastKen play? It would get your game viral. Plus Markiplier loves his fans and interacting with them, so it'd be good for him too?

  8. im a new subcriber in your channel, and all your videos are very fun and different from usual, but the idea of ICU is a amazing project, conbratulations criken(continue the ICU)

  9. I remember when I first started watching criken and he wouldn't even talk.. he's just use text at the bottom of his videos.. now look at him, creating his own video game.. I feel so old lol

  10. It's great to make a game with a friend. But no lets not credit our friend and cause trouble on the game, people that donated for the game and the loss of a friend. Way to go greed

  11. It looks like it might be a little lacking… I hope it wont have only around 4 options for ways to mess with the streamer.

  12. Found you after the Vinny Stream. Good luck, now you will have more followers than you know what to do with.

  13. I think some of the monsters should be free-moving. Not just weeping Angel-type statues, y'know?
    Let tree-guy waddle around a bit.

  14. I would love this game but i think it has very limited potential. Not that its your fault AT ALL but it would be something only large streamers/youtubers could do. and people might get bored of it quickly.

  15. This game looks fantastic! I'd love to be a lucky unlucky contestant! You're an innovative man, Criken, this is a whole new frontier you have created.

  16. It's strange to see how far criken has come. I remember watching his left 4 dead guides when i was a little kid, trying to figure out how to do the hunter jump. Now he's come so far as to make his own game. I'm so glad he's become what he is today.


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