How to Get the Secret Tyranny Ending


SO! There is a fancy new ending, ready to get it? A very simple task, prove your allegiance to Kyros throughout your entire 100 hour gameplay NEVER speak ill of the overlord and maybe, he will grant you clemency – here is the ending
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How to Get the Secret Tyranny Ending

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  1. by the way the rebels are assholes they force you to kill a baby because they're inpatient for you to end the edict of storm

  2. I wish you had read the text im watching this on a mobile phone and i just gave up reading halfway through. Thanks for putting in the work though.

  3. That's not really a secret ending… that happens exactly the same way if you just surrender at the end instead of proclaiming an Edict, seemingly regardless of your other choices.

  4. great ending, you should've gotten rid of radix though, the earthshakers have such a nicer ending with a change of leadership


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