How to enable ‘Windows Sandbox’ on Windows 10


How to enable ‘Windows Sandbox’ on Windows 10

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How to enable Windows Sandbox on Windows 10

In this video I will show you how to check to see if your PC is ready for Windows Sandbox and how to enable windows sandbox and how to use windows sandbox.

You will need to make sure virtualization enabled, this can be done in the BIOS.

You will need to make sure your running Windows 10 1903 version, if not, you will need to update windows 10 to that version.

You will also need to got to Turn Windows Features On or Off and enable Windows Sandbox.

Minimum requirements in order to run Windows Sandbox:

Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise build 18305 or later
AMD64 architecture
Virtualization capabilities enabled in BIOS
At least 4GB of RAM (8GB recommended)
At least 1 GB of free disk space (SSD recommended)
At least 2 CPU cores (4 cores with hyperthreading recommended)

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  1. T H A N K Y O U F O R W A T C H I N G !

    P L E A S E L I K E A N D S U B S C R I B E !

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  2. Hi Britec09, after to open Sandbox show me error 0x80072746 fail to restart I try to find answers, please you have any suggestion about this issue?

  3. That's kind of good I guess, but I rather enjoy keeping full permanent OS's with all my retro/new
    programs in VirtualBox!!
    Also for you nerds that can't get this feature for whatever reason…..
    just check out Comodo Containment 😉

  4. one of my credit cards was stolen on the same day i made a payment, company took care of it but it got me thinking off additional security while banking. i was told the best way to bank is to use a separate machine for banking that you don't use for everything else … i don't have a good laptop so i was thinking of Mint or TOR onion browser on a VM … question is would simply banking in sandbox mode achieve the same result or is there a better more practical way of doing what I'm trying to do? … any thoughts on this?

  5. Help! I dont see the sandbox to enable on the turn windows features on/off, i have windows 10 pro and Virtualization enabled!

  6. How to enable virtualization ? I know it is in the BIOS, because you said it, but where is it ? And sicne I don't really know where is the version, I opened my CMD and at the top, my version is : "Version 10.0.17763.557". Is it right ?

  7. I want to report an issue about this new feature and I hope to find good thoughts about it.
    Virtualization status in task manager is set as Enabled but,
    when I attempt to run sandbox this error pops up: Error 0xc0370106. The virtual machine or container exited unexpectedly.
    And continues with a yes-no question about whether I want to submit feedback about it or not.
    I look forward to those good thoughts. 🌹

  8. i know how about take windows 7 put security updates in it and fuck the hell off having regular people have to do all this shit to make a os that they can gods damn well use the way they want.

  9. This is a great way to get even with those Indians calling to work on your computer, mess with them instead using SANDBOX!

  10. Nice video but it doesnt work for some folks. I'm on Win 10 Pro 1903. When I do systeminfo I get something different on the last line "Hyper-V Requirements: A hypervisor has been detected. Features required for Hyper-V will not be displayed.", and no I am not running any other hypervisor that I know of. And when I run windows sandbox I get the error 0x80072746. An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. From what I can tell from searching so far the consensus is I have to wait for Microsoft to fix whatever this is. So apparently Win 10 1903 is not so bugless after all. If you know what I did wrong I am all ears. 🙂

  11. What is AMD64 architecture? I have all of the recommended stats and hyper-v enabled and all that, but I am still not able to do it?

  12. Hi Brian, today I have turned on the Windows Sandbox for the first time, but I can not connect to internet with this. Why ? Does Sandbox work not with internet or ?


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