Hellion – Space survival game


Hellion – Space survival game

Today we return to take a look at Hellion, An in development space survival game that is as close as we have to a expanse styled hard sci-fi space game.
I hope you enjoy!

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System Specs:
CPU: AMD 2700x – 8 Cores, 16 Threads
M-Board: MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon
RAM: 16GB G.skill TridentZ RGB 3200MHz DDR4
GPU: Galax GTX 1070 EXOC Sniper
SSD Boot: 120GB Kingston
SSD Video Capture: 250GB Samsung 850 EVO
SSD Install: 250GB Samsung 850 EVO
HDD Storage: Western Digital 2TB (5400RPM)
PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower GOLD 750W
HoTaS: VKB Sim Gladiator Mk.II, Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS
Flight Pedals: Thrustmaster T.Flight
VR: Razer HDK2 OSVR, Oculus Rift DK2

Nguồn: https://atfilms.info/

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  1. Nice to see that Hellion is still being developed! =D "Test Squadron"-emblem resemblance the Squadron 42-logo!! 😉 keep up the good work.

  2. this game sadly for 2 years is still in same place, honestly it never will grow up to some interesting lvl after every patch i spend frew hours more then before and im deleteing that from steam cause keep finding same and same and again same things/spots/planets/ship parts, game is way to obvious theres not such a thing like moment of suprise it will either die soon then grow to some Beta or something, sadly.

  3. ok i have a nitpick with this, and most space games with zero g. How are you activating your rcs thrusters? how are you moving in space? because, as you can clearly see, its not with your HANDS! Im mostly joking, but it is a thing i always notice. I wish you were holding some control sticks or something.

  4. 15:00ish… wrong… with the new fabricator module you actually can build almost everything, including weapons, ammo, parts for ships and stations, even warp cells… but of course there are different components needed fo being able to do so. Luckily the FB lets you also recycle stuff, like empty warp cells, wrecked hull plating or whatever you may find when scavenging derelicts for useful items..and thus giving you parts/ components…

    And a tip: shortly before that, when you picked up the mags, opening your inventory with the tab key shows you the items which are in the vicinity, double-click them or drag and drop… this comes also handy for parts you don't see on first glimpse, like modules (recource injector and such..)

    Edited for spelling…

  5. I like to watch this game, but when I played myself I could not even get my airlock module working, so I refunded it, I might wanna get it again after watching this

  6. I noticed you mentioned the expanse and I absolutely love those books and was wondering if you saw the show and what you thought of it

  7. The space suits in this game had very limited 1 minute long air supply so you were constantly super rushed to do what ever you needed to do. This looks like you have time to think about what you are doing and do some real exploring


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