Hellion Space Sim Should Be Removed From Steam!


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  1. Got the game when it was free in March and was immediately hooked for hours. It’s unfortunate this game was never going to see v1.0 – so much great potential.

  2. This game is amazing really. It was an EXTREMELY difficult game so people didn't play so kinda sees someone that didn't seem to ever play review a game. It took hours to even get the hang of I still play it today. what an amazing game wish people didn't give up so easy on difficult to play game could have been much more but people just complain

  3. this is one of my favourite games i was soo annoied when i found out they stopped developments i feel cheated why dont they let a different company take over and pick up the slack???

  4. @BigfryTV I would suggest you bring forth news on multiple games in a single vid. It doesn't sound like you've actually played the game, and literally are just summarizing what SidAlpha already made a vid about. I understand you're frustrated about the Vaporware issue that is present today, it would have been a lot less plagiaristic to create a vid that highlighted several games not to buy, since the developers quit the project. Or even maybe highlight the difference between Vaporware, Chronicles of Elyria, and a failed project, like Hellion. Which means you'd have to play the game, it's pretty easy to feel the difference from a lack of attempt and a legitimately failed attempt. However, I'm not intending to tell you how to do your job, without coming off as hypocritical and earning money off another person's work. Hellion, if you'd play it, actually is a lot of fun. Sure it's not what they envisioned, but I only put $30 USD into and it was worth it, to me and several others who like intense survival games. It could have been a lot smoother, it would have been nice had it not failed, but the amount of hours I actually enjoyed well paid for what I invested. Also, more on the topic of the Vaporware issue of today, people should stop treating legitimate failure so harshly, it's today's climate that requires you to put your work out to the public early, because investors are no longer interested in private closed investment of yesteryear because it's too risky for the investors and without money nothing works and nothing is created. So being so public about things there is going to be a lot of legitimate failure, as well as scammers. Unfortunately, failures are more likely than successes, it's the same when creating anything. “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

    ― Winston S. Churchill

  5. Bro have you done much other than playing video games, recording them and spouting opinions? You sound genuinely upset over this. People fucked up. You're rubbing their nose in it and offering advice. Have you built and launched a game before yourself or are you talking shit on the internet? Opinions are like arseholes man, everyone's got one. Advice is best reserved for those who know what they're talking about.

  6. So… everyone that bought this, sorry for ur loss. Tried to figure Out how to stop my ship for like an hour. Got bored. Idk if i’ll play it ever again

  7. at the moment it's for free therefore not have to pay for the game so i guess i will be having my very first game to play with glitches lol

  8. wow
    i would really like to people also be harsh to big developers like billzard who don't let play the game you own

  9. The game is being removed from steam tight now.
    Its free to keep until 30.3.2020 and then the game wont be purchasable.
    Pretty sad 🙁 it had potential but devs f***ed it up

  10. Aaand it is here, they offer it for free until 30.3., then there will be no way to obtain it. And then they will only keep servers up in maintenance mode.

  11. 12:35 I don't know if you've ever been coding is a huge code base, but you get some shit I can tell you. When you have to rebuild the fundation, the whole goes to trash too.

  12. 12:20 Early access is about raising interest for your project and getting funds… whatever you say, that's the one thing it's made for. There are other ways to market your product in the making to investors, but games don't really pay much, no one invest in games but fans. That's quite the fucking point….

  13. 11:30 Early access is used as a way to help fund the development of games. That is the only point…
    How do you know they got money ONLY from the early access? They talked about their investors that lost money… who are they talking about? FFS, your video raise more questions than answers!

  14. 8:30 Before saying that they took the money and ran with it, can we get… I don't know… the estimated ammount of money left?This is the one point that would make me agree with you. With what was left in their pockets, would they have made it?

  15. 3:10 So… They keep the game on steam so people can still try it out. Even if it has flaws, I've seen what it looks like, I've seen people enjoy it in its broken state. You'd want to throw it away for what?… Now, I'd argue they should make it open source so people can mod the shit out of it or fix it… maybe sell it to anyone willing to take on the burden.

    but erasing it from history is fucking dumb. Some people might want to know what it was like, to document the existence of this game. You know, game conservation, having an history or glory and failures.

    In its abandonned state it might find people who will enjoy this world. Being broken doesn't mean people can't enjoy it, Rust, Legacy Rust… is a pretty good example.

  16. Quit being an asshole?
    I get when people are angry at lies and dishonesty in general, but here we simply got indy devs going bankrupt because they tried something too hard for them.
    "Uh, It looks like shit", "I don't get why they're patting themselves in the back" and other shit like that… If you have reasons to hate them, put it in the intro so that we know why you are spewing shit on them.

    Yes, the game doesn't pay for its dev. Wtf did you expect? They took a loan and risks, went early access to maybe pass the point of no return and you blame them for … ? You don't know anything about them, what they did to reach this point… "Yo, they expect an unfinished game to pay for itself!"… you mean, like Rust, Minecraft and most early access games? You know how fucked the Rust developpement was?

    "They had to make some hard decisions, THEY SAY"… everything YOU SAY sounds like that. Do you believe they are lying? Wtf? Do you pay your bills? Do you think life is free?

  17. Three cheers for the intrepid Star Citizen. My she continue to find fair winds and following seas!

  18. Fair arguments. I bought Hellion, I'm actually still playing it. I think it sucks they can't complete it. Do I feel I lost my money?

    I put 43 enjoyable hours into the game. Bought it for 22 euros.

    A simplistic method I use is that I rate how satisfied about a game by dividing the money by the amount of hours played if that number is above 1 then I'm not happy about my purchase.

    that's 0.511 for Hellion. (Kerbal space program was really good at 0.05 probably even lower because I've spent ages playing it before it even got to steam early access) Subnautica was somewhere in between. Those games made it in part because of early access.

    So in short… No… I didn't waste my money.. I'd still spend the money knowing what I know now.

    It's early access. You know you're playing an incomplete game, a game that you risk will never be completed. The upside is that you're investing in the dreams of game-devs. I was part of the hellion experience. I enjoyed the game, and still do. And the few euros won't break my bank.

    You win some you lose some.

    They should however clearly indicate the status of the game as no longer under production on the store page. Not doing so is unethical. I understand the issues they probably have with lost revenue for a company that is small and struggling. But that's no excuse to mislead your customers. I have recommended against buying the game on steam for this reason.

  19. Hellion developers are a bunch of guys from Belgrade, Serbia, who were essentially given a ton of money to make this game. Serbs being Serbs, they ended up squandering most of it on overpriced computers and an overpriced workspace equipped with things like massage chairs, gym, beds, etc., George Romero-style. The management essentially heavily mismanaged the funds the company had, which is why the company went down the drain and the project was released like this.

  20. Good job highlighting Steam's early access regulations. Too many games are allowed to be launched in early access with the early access sales being the primary source of development funding.

    The only way Hellion, as abandonware, should be allowed to stay on Steam is if it's free and labeled as a demo that won't be completed.

    I think Steam and other storefronts that allow early access sales need to self regulate before actual legislation happens that screws over the very few developers who have an actual development plan and use early access to both show off the game and use player feedback to help guide development and fix issues.

    I read a lot of reviews on Steam early access games where the reviewer says something like, "the game has x, y, z problems and is missing content, but it's still early access, so I'm sure it will be sorted out by launch."

    There's guarantee that an early access game will be completed or that issues x y z will be fixed, but there's a player leaving a positive review.

    Steam should cap early access game price to something like $5 and / or be liable for refunds if an early access game is not not completed. The 1st would benefit gullible players, the 2nd would force Steam to vet developers who want to use early access.

    Realistically though, the entire games industry is early access. Bethesda and Ubisoft are notorious for selling "complete" games a year before they're actually bug fixed and feature complete. Most major publishers use "dlc" instead of "early access", but that's even more nefarious because they are charging full price for an incomplete, early access quality game, then charging more for the "dlc" that brings the game up to actual release quality.

  21. So they're using money people gave them to develop a specific game to fund other games? Isn't that simply fraud?

  22. Dude you sound like a whiny btch…hellion is more fin and provides more content than many of these 3hr long artsy fartsy games …chill your ignorant mouth

  23. Tbh this is a problem that started with the massing of indie companies as a whole yes I know there are a few great indie games out there but for 1 great one you get 100 shitty ones this has lead to a over saturation of the market which has lead to this sort of behavioral nonsense by devs and it also basically lead to the death of creativity to a certain extent in this field


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