Heart’s Medicine – Doctor’s Oath: The Movie (Subtitles)


Allison joins the Queensbarrow Hospital to start fresh. She must adjust to the new setting and her new coworkers. Allison also needs to pass a very important test in order to go from intern to doctor. Along the way, a mysterious illness strikes her friends and time is off the essence. Meanwhile, old habits come back for Allison’s boyfriend, Daniel, and threatens to drive them apart. Nothing is ever easy for an intern. A GameHouse Original Story (GHOS).

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  1. with Leon being confirmed to liking men, maybe we can finally get Francois a boyfriend?? i havent played any of the new delicious games so idk but i have played both sally salons,,

  2. Oh 💩 I’ll probably watch this whole movie later cuz i don’t want spoilers 🙈 but while we are at a lockdown I came across this game app & started to play Hearts Medicine: Hospital Heat first THEN I installed Doctors Oath cuz I want to know what happened to Victor 😆. I read on their Facebook page that they are in a process of putting this mobile app into a PC version, that’s why I decided to play Doctors Oath, I’m on level 4 still trying to figure out things in this game, I really like it & as a nurse I only play when I get a day off. Stay safe everyone 😷

  3. Just finished watching the whole thing. Thanks a bunch for putting this video up. I tried playing #4, but didn't like it as much as the others, but love the storyline. 🥰
    And, personally, I hope Allison & Conner get together and stay together

  4. Strange I had a different beginning for #4 than you did. I didn't see Allison getting ready for graduation. I had them say it's too bad Allison isn't there to diagnose everyone. And showed the quarantine part, but not Ruth trying to feed her.

  5. Did I just watch a 3 hour move? Yes
    Did I love every second of it? Yes
    Do I regret it? No
    Did I cry? Yes 😭
    Is this the best flippin story a game has ever had? YES ABSOLUTELY

  6. Will you ever be able to add the many, many videos in the last two levels (the ones locked behind puzzle tokens)? If not, I might need a couple of years to see the end of the story…!

  7. Fist of all, Thanks for share this video👍. Oh my god.. Allison.. Daniel 😭😭😭😭😭.. I just want their happy ending.. 😭😭😭😭😭


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