Godzilla – Smash3 – iOS / Android – HD Gameplay Trailer


Godzilla – Smash3 by Rogue Play, Inc. (iOS / Android)

***Official game of the new Godzilla film from Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures!***

The “King of the Monsters” returns in Godzilla’s mobile gaming debut!


Unleash the power of Godzilla and pursue the dangerous MUTO monsters in this unique mix of jaw-dropping 3D action and challenging puzzles. Control each stomp, slash, and bite by matching – or SMASHING – puzzle tiles to drive Godzilla through 80 levels in cities across the globe.

Upgrade Godzilla to match your play-style and call upon friends in times of need. Use powerful boosts to conquer new objectives and puzzles in each level, or build up energy to release Godzilla’s signature ATOMIC BREATH.


Godzilla – Smash3 features:

● Devastating Visuals – See cities crumble and battalions burn in gorgeous 3D
● Action meets Puzzle – A fusion of the classics
● Brains plus Brawn – Smash in seconds, master over months
● Massive Bosses – Battle the dangerous MUTOs from the movie
● Global Destruction – Pursue Godzilla’s foes across land, sea and air
● Constant Variety – Face new challenges and puzzle-types across 80 levels
● Game-changing Boosts – Gain an edge and supercharge your abilities
● Upgradeable Powers – Make Godzilla stronger to suit your playstyle
● Full Facebook Integration – Help your friends or challenge them for dominance


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***Minimum iOS version recommended: iOS 7.0 ***

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  1. ugh dude you're so stupid,when your plates on godzilla's back are blue that means use your atomic breath you idiot.:#

  2. Dude, stop getting the atomic things. U get them but u then didn't use them.Your wasting those now.So if your trying to get the atomic and u get it, USE THE ATOMIC BLAST!

  3. I have completed Tokyo and now I'm on San fFrancisco, and its hard. To beat level 9 and 17 you just need to be quick and patient, you also need a bit of luck too.

  4. Have you beat the second time limit level yet? I think this game is impossible without boosts. especially with those time limit levels. 

  5. Why in godzilla smash 3 in level 9 why they give you 2 minute to destroy all your enemies instead of five

  6. For anyone who doesn't have the game beware tokyo 9 you only have two minutes to complete the stage and time tiles only give 5 seconds you jave been warned

  7. i have an little bug.Godzilla emits really bugged textures sometimes and has really bugged animations.Any ideas to fix? or is this an lag problem?


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