Gamefowl Conditioning Methods: Gamefowl Conditioning by Dante Hinlo Part 3


Gamefowl conditioning methods. Gamefowl conditioning by Dante Hinlo Part 3. Agribusiness How It Works.

After getting the stags all geared up in the pre-conditioning stage, it is now time to start the actual training. Know how to condition the stags properly and get them ready for the big fight. Conditioning is about bringing out the natural capabilities of the stags and using it to come up with stronger and fiercer champions.

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  1. Sir..I am from India
    Your videos are to good
    I was started aseel farming in India.
    But I am failed.chickens died suddenly from disease.

  2. Your not going to get a win from a bottle or pill, good feed and enviroment with good exercise is all you need if you already have a good line.

  3. This breed of chickens is born to fight with knives,they'll kill each other real quick in a fight and i dont like that. I prefer breeds that fight with bare feet,no knives such as aseel,shamo,thai, gadon,…

  4. We would figure 8 walk, chest fly, step back fly, place the on back and let them pop up. Work them from10 up to 100 reps, then back down to 10, then put on 2 week keep. A worked sub-par rooster would kill good blood line that was worked like on this video.


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