GAME OF STICK – Parkour Challenge Ep8


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We found this test shoot for a game of STICK we did a while back when we were still developing the rules! Apologies for the shocking audio quality but thought you guys might enjoy this video rather than leave it unloved on a hard drive somewhere… Make sure you subscribe for more!

Comment down below what challenges we should try next time!

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  1. I think it would be awesome for a challenge to be them, as you can see, my channel is parkour based but don't upload much cos I'm pretty bad but I'm practising lache so that's why I suggested it

  2. Great videos. To you and to everyone in the comments, I do parkour and free running videos to do if you want then go check them out and possibly subscribe. Thank you. Means a lot!

  3. 3 beautiful thing in this video! 4:09 Erick spitting his hands! (that was a good one) just after that, His feet on the Pole Catleap! AWESOME footwork jajajaja and how much erick enjoy you guys not been able to do his challenges jajajaja. I Never miss an episode guys keep this real stuff coming.


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