Final Fantasy X HD:Cactuar Village Sidequest.


GODHAND location, Cactuar Village Sidequest Video Commentary Walkthrough.
Airship password to gain access to Mushroom Rock Road area is: GODHAND
All Cactuar locations and times below
Tomay location 2:16
Rovivea’s location 3:33
Chava’s location 4:20
Alek & Aloja location 4:50
Vachella location 5:42
Robeya location 6:43
Isrra location 7:28
Elio location 9:04
Flaaile 10:08
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  1. Thank you, but too bad I didn't have no encounters xD. But now I have Rikku's, Tidus', and Wakka's celestials😍

  2. I just finished doing the stupid Chocobo race, butterfly hunt and lightning dodging, I thought I was done with the shitest sidequests ever conceived, I forgot about Cactuar hunt.

  3. That cactuar by the quicksand I'm having trouble with because he stares at you for SO long! Any tips please?

  4. Great video, but just a heads up to anyone else who is using this as a guide, if you don't win all the games, you also get a different bonus item at the end. ALSO in the mini game with the sand trap, you can actually go INSIDE the sand trap and walk all the way up to him at once

  5. One of the best tutorial vids I’ve seen hope your doing more FFX vids I’m playing though and could use your help thank you


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