Final Fantasy X HD – Walkthrough Platinum Guide #12 – Rikku's Mercury Sigil. Cactuar Mini Game


Final Fantasy X HD Remaster Walkthrough. Platinum Trophy Guide. Part #12. Getting Rikku’s Mercury Sigil through the Cactuar Mini Game.

In this video you’ll see me get Rikku’s Mercury Sigil and for that I need to activate a Cactuar Mini Game.

Video Timestamps:
0:40 Activating Mini game for Rikku’s Mercury Sigil
2:50 Tomay (1st Cactuar)
5:00 Rovivea (2nd Cactuar)
6:45 Chava (3rd Cactuar)
8:30 Alek & Aloja (4th & 5th Cactuar)
11:20 Vachella (6th Cactuar)
14:00 Robeya (7th Cactuar)
15:55 Issra (8th Cactuar)
18:10 Elio (9th Cactuar)
21:50 Flaile (10th Cactuar)
24:15 Rikku’s Mercury Sigil

If you have any questions concerning any trophies or concerning any weapons and crests/sigils, don’t be afraid to ask.



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  1. Why does every single minigame in FFX sucks so bad? It's almost like blitzball was too much fun, so they made sure that all the other minigames are just plain bad.

  2. Congratulations, you just killed 10 Cactuars trying to protect their home. They are gone for good now, lost to the delicate sand dunes.

  3. Appreciate you doing this. Was fun playing along side you. Also I failed two and still got the friend sphere lol.

  4. Vachella was a pain in the ass to catch since he turns around so quickly.I raged at his difficulty on the PS4 of the game harder then trying to get 0:00 for the sun sigil

  5. thanks for the video~ these celestial weapons are giving me a pretty tough time and I appreciate whatever help I can get

  6. I had to fight sin, to catch one of the. It's not to hard or the end of the game you can then go off inside sin from here. So don't worry, but there is some more story line and nice scenes.


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