Final Fantasy X HD Remaster – Mini Game – The Valley Of The Cactuars – Complete Guide


You will always receive the Mercury Sigil on completing this Mini Game, but the item in the 2nd chest will depend on how many Cactuars you defeat, you are able to lose at on test and still get the ultimate prize, a Friend Sphere.

Cactuar Locations:
1. Oasis – Next to save sphere.
2. Sanubia Desert – East – In the North West – Next to a chest.
3. Sanubia Desert – West – Behind 20% Off Sign.
4. Sanubia Desert – East – Examine the Save Sphere in the tent.
5&6. Sanubia Desert – Central – To the West running around in the centre.
7. Sanubia Desert – Central – In the South West – Examine the chest in the corner.
8. Sanubia Desert – East – In the Sinkhole Whirlpool – Spend time in this area to spawn him.
9. Oasis – Airship – Airship Deck – Where you fought Evrae.
10. Sanubia Desert – West – Will appear behind you after inserting the 9th Sphere.

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I’m attempting to create guides that are both quick & informative
so there’s less watching & more playing, it’s a work in progress!


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  1. Thanks for the video guide, very helpful! I left encounters on and grinded out Tidus' Overdrives and also allowed me to have full overdrives for all the cactuar fights since they can't dodge them.

  2. Thanks a bunch! This quest was anal rape, though less so than the butterflies, the lightning, or the Chocobo

  3. I don;t know what you mean "you chose to fail" do you get a better reward if you fail one of the 10? Just curious cause I am doing these now…

  4. btw for the sanddune guy if u run into the hole and keep running u run under the sand and save alot of time doing so

  5. For the sand pit one. Just run into the first sand pit and keep running and you'll appear in the sand pit right next to the cactur for an easy win.

  6. issra will appear instantly if you leave that area and come back… its because hes on the same screen as the cactuar stone

  7. The cactaur in the crater at 8:05 – author says it took 45 mins to find. I saved the game and reloded it ran to the crated and the Cactaur was there. 90 secs 🙂

  8. Quick Tip: Isrra's it's not random nor you have to wait any time. You only have to leave the zone and re-enter, and it will appear, works 100% 🙂

  9. 3 number i have incredible luck to find it one min less. i know i wouldnt have another luck when if i have do that side quest agai .

  10. For the one which took 45 minutes to spawn, leave the area and then come back again; he will spawn straight away then.

    Just replaying the original game on the PS2 over a decade after completing it, good times.

  11. did this quest late in the game and right as soon as I head up to the deck I have to fight sin…. shit


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