Feeding my Hunting Dogs @ the old Farmhouse. Phone/Snap vlog 2


Welcome to another vlog filmed in real-time straight off the bat.
Its the day after a successful hunt and I am generally in good humor after a good result. 27-year-old Patrick has been having problems to get his dog Trig going and last night Trig once again missed out on being on this fat sow by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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  1. What you hunt is female boar ,ofcourse she must have child hungry waiting for her to return but u killed . Now karma is yet to come back to you .

  2. My little dog loves hunting but we live in the city so can’t do it often but when we do she loves to catch rabbits

  3. HAHAHAHAHA THIS IS TOO DAMN GOOD!!! The best accent and sayings ❤️😂❤️❤️👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙌🏽🙌🏽 now I miss home

  4. Great morning ritual mate. Bacon is pretty easy to make mucker, plenty of "how to" videos on YT. Would love to see the pig butchery but i know YT will not like the reality of it all. lol.

  5. What's the dimensions of the kennels? Looks like a good setup you got there. It would be nice if you made a video of you constructing one of them.
    Mahalo form Hawaii🤙

  6. This is awsome clay always learning something off you about my dogs…i got a 120 lb sow bout 4 weeks ago and she had tusks we thought it was a barrow but there was a fanny 😅 anyway mate love your content be safe brother happy hunting 🖒

  7. Awesome dogs. We scored 2 eaters yesterday. Pups 1st find and my main pulled another round the spur.. Happy living clay

  8. Keep doing them mate there good i keep saying it but love the dog videos man's best friend and all that were is Bob bud 👍

  9. I like all your videos and lifestyle. But can you at least boil the meat or grill it before you feed it to your dogs? Might be much safer for the dogs. Thanks in advance. 😇

  10. Hi clay, love the content of the videos. I have messaged you previously. You asked about your Duck… I had one almost identical to yours when I was a boy. I named her Jemima, after the "Jemima Pubbleduck" from an English fairy story book.
    Please name your Duck Jemima! Cheers Clay!

  11. Clay do you know what pace and b have in there make up? Not sure if you've said before. They seem a bit like a terrier whippet? Cracking dogs what ever they are mate


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