Exidium Corp, The Last Frontier (Introduction to gameplay)


This video goes over most of Exidium Corp, the Last Frontier. It’s looking to be quite the mmo, rts, hover tank combat game, and already, in early Alpha, it is pretty damn enjoyable.

Enroll for Early Access here:

—————————What is this game?—————————–

It’s Exidium Corp, The Final Frontier, you can enroll for Alpha access here:


Outro Music from the game itself.

———————————-SAGE Info————————————-


Download Custom Models:

Star Citizen Organization:
(Join us on this journey, to convergence.)

Nguồn: https://atfilms.info/

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  1. It's too bad they just had to shutdown everything. This looked amazing. I think they needed to clarify their goals or something, but even the developer website now only has a farewell message.

  2. that last giant mother thing was funny lol you'll need upgrade a little maybe even get a few friends to help out lol

  3. Got another cool /weird space game for you Sage, its called "MirrorMoon EP" Its an interesting abstract no words no voice exploration/puzzle game. One of those "work it out your self" kinda games.

  4. so since its been a while since I watched a video of yours (I am a subscriber) it seems that YT stop showing me your videos in my feed! YAY!

  5. I signed up for this long before they allowed ppl to talk about it. I was hyped for it because of what I've read but my I3 computer can't handle it. 5-10 fps on low. I was bummed

  6. Wow…. That bomb effect. Wooooooow. I had no idea someone would use such a stock explosion effect, ever. Just.. Just wow.

  7. This game lacks detality of the gameplay. There should be much more interactions with and inbetween units.


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