Ep 20: ShadowLord! Board Game Review (Parker Brothers 1983)


A review on how to play the board game ShadowLord.

The Object
To become Master of the Universe by defeating your opponents before the timer declares the Shadowlord has won.
Each player assumes the identity of one of the Masters of Earth, Air, Fire or Water. Starting with two allies, you’ll travel through the galaxies of the Universe in search of Warriors, Merchants, and Diplomats – and the Power cards and space ships that make them powerful. Powerful enough to defeat opposing alliances in exciting and suspenseful duels. Strong enough to withstand attacks from the mysterious Shadows. Mighty enough to challenge the Shadowlord for the Power Stone that gives its owner greatness in battle.
The secret to survival is accumulation of power, sabotage of opponents’ alliances, and the strategic use of your characters, each of whom has a special job to do.
So prepare for an extraordinary adventure among planets, galaxies, and the eerie Lost Fortress. Where promises are as lasting as the next tempting bribe. Where space storms appear at the roll of the dice. When battles can be fierce and defeat forever. Where time runs down toward the ultimate question … Who will rule the Universe as Master of all? Subscribe to keep up with all the latest reviews and game hunts! #boardgame #ads #ads

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  1. Thanks for posting. Loved this game as a teen. Still have the copy.

    FYI Astrid & Randi are both women. Not "he" & "him".

  2. Thanks for doing the video. As a kid we got this from a thrift store but I don't think it had the rules so I was only ever able to drool over the components and board.

  3. I’ve played this game extensively and it’s one of my childhood all time faves. It doesn’t stack up and admittedly to more modern games and some of the rules are broken but the theme and some of the mechanics are great… great review

  4. I had this game as a kid because it looked so cool. Tried to read the rulebook, gave up, and never played it. Bought it again as an adult. Tried to read the rulebook, gave up, and never played it.

  5. it sounds very interesting could do really well as a light 4x game with better art but mother ship and smaller ships are interesting


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