Elias Pettersson Delivers Post-Game Speech to Canucks Locker Room (Oct. 03, 2018)


Head inside the Canucks Locker room for an exclusive look at Pettersson’s post-game speech following his NHL debut. “To score my first goal with you guys, was amazing.”

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  1. Pettersson will very quickly become a fan favourite here. Looking forward to see what he accomplishes this season and beyond.

  2. Who knows maybe in the future he will be captain giving motivational speeches in the lockerroom but right now he is too shy and not ready for it but i can see him becoming captain one day he has some great qualities that will help him in his career he is a true professional he just needs his body to mature and when that happens he will be a very scary player his potential is limitless

  3. Going to be a lot of nice development for the franchise, the next couple of years. A lot of great times ahead. Very happy to see EP score on his first shot.

  4. You know he wasn't happy with all those penalties. Knocked his ice time down to around 10 minutes. Lol. But for real, kid is a stud in all regards. 10-14 minutes is okay for a rookie. No need to bombard him with minutes early. Kid has a good heart and great skills. Gonna be a great career for him and we are so lucky to have him. Congrats on a great first game, hopefully fans temper their expectations and just enjoy the trip.

  5. I love that he’s already being a leader telling them too many penalties 😂😂 he’s gonna be so much fun to watch for the 15 years or more even. I hope Brock breaks out of his slump soon, we need him and Bo as much as Elias. That locker room looks very tight.

  6. I know it doesn't meet much on the ice per se, but seeing Rousell there right next to EP40 was nice, from what I hear he's an incredible locker room guy and a spark plug on the ice, much like Burr used to be. Excited to see him and much more from EP!

  7. Love his little critique there… "Too many penalties on our side…" Looking forward to seeing what he does this season. 🙂 Go Canucks!

  8. Remember, the Sedins came over a year older and didn't exactly light the world on fire straight away. Having said that, they were both ironmen. Petterrson will put up more points over a healthy career.


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