DQ Tycoon – Day 35 in Grill & Chill


This is… terrible. Don’t waste money on this.

Employees don’t help anything and block my way to customers…
I played all levels without employees except the tutorial level for employee.

The game system is really inconvenient.
Also, the score depends on luck.
Time freeze cone really rocks. 2x cash or power cone sucks.
Others are so-so. The cones are totally random.

I played only Treat Store (the basic shop) to maximize profit in the day.
You can assign staffs in other shops, but you can’t do it in Treat Store.
So, profit from Treat Store will be really small if you play in other shops.

After beating all levels in the week, you can repeat the day in other shops not played yet.
Only the best scores count for the week profit.

Nguồn: https://atfilms.info/

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  1. heh…..there not that useless though knowing you (throgh desripten)you'd prety much rather be rushed by over 90 custermers then get blocked by even the most efficent employe


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