DIY Wild Game Washer – Fish and Game Washing Bucket


Many years ago I stumbled across a “Wild Game Washer” which was basically a bucket you hook up to a water hose and throw your fish and game in to clean them. The Wild Game Washer was about $60 so I moved in because it was cool but it just wasn’t $70 cool and wouldn’t have risked leaving it sitting around at the marina or in the back of my truck.

Years later I was on a dove hunt and a friend had made a homemade fish and game washing bucket just like the wild game washer and it worked awesome. It got my gears turning so I set out to build my own homemade fish and game fishing bucket (or a homemade wild game washer). I played around with multiple designs and finally found one that works perfect, It works flawlessly every time and I’ve used these homemade wild game washers almost daily since then and they literally cost a few dollars to make and take less than 5 minutes. I’ve used my homemade wild game washers to clean dove, geese, sandhill crane and tons and tons of fish. If you’re cleaning birds or waterfowl the game washing bucket works wonders to remove feathers (and blood) and if you’re washing fish it will make quick work removing the blood and scales while filleting fish.

They work so well I usually have 4 or 5 of them on hand at any given time!

Today I’m walking you through how to make your very own homemade fish and game washing bucket. It’s super easy, inexpensive and doesn’t take long at all.

Supplies needed
5 Gallon Bucket
PVC Hose Adapter
1/2″ PVC Slip Cap
1/2” PVC Slip Elbow
1/2” PVC Pipe (One piece ~11” and one 1” piece)
#8 x 2” Stainless Screw
PVC Glue

Again these are super easy to make but if you’re not handy you can buy a Wild Game Washer already manufactured here.


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  1. Why not just get a lid and drill 1/2” -“1 holes in the lid? What do you think was the total cost of supplies ?

  2. You should make a video of fishing for catfish with planer boards. Heard it's a great technique to catch catfish while trolling.


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