Dirty Devs: Hellion developers Zero Gravity Games take the money and run


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Zero gravity Games, the developers of the Survival Space Sim Hellion have shut down development and it has been discovered that they have taken at least a portion of the Early Access money and have decided to use that on other projects, instead of for the game that players had purchased. This seems to me to be nothing short of theft.
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  1. On a much lighter note: I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! And thank you all for getting this channel to 100k! Best Christmas present I could have ever gotten!

  2. Did you actually contact the devs as they say you didn't? Because i dont know how much money did they take and run considering they made it public they are giving the game away for free up until march 30 before making it unavailable forever. If they actually wanted to take the money and run they would hint at future updates while keeping the game paid, then run, or to keep selling the game. Instead they announced the dev studio is closing down and they will support 4 official servers.

  3. Take the money and run? Do you think that develop a game like that costs nothing? Are you crazy??? FIX THINGS COSTS MONEY AND THERE'S NO MONEY LEFT, THAT'S THE PROBLEM

  4. Can't help but to disagree with what you say. Yes, you can always say that running away with the money they made from an unfinished game is bad, but as someone who is familiar with game dev, I can assure you that the project can get so deeply messed up in technical problems, so you really won't have any other choice but to sail away with the money, truly hoping that the next project you make will be the one. At such point you neither have any motivation nor hope that you will every fix it all, so the best option would be to simply switch project. It wasn't about the money that they stopped the development, it is about that they couldn't see any future for the project anymore. I actually bought this game 2 years ago, so I put my money where my mouth is.

  5. is it actually cutting and running if they're taking the money to a new project? It just makes it sound like they're going to pocket the money then bugger off to parts unknown with it.

  6. Steam is the platform that offers dev's the platform by which they can provide a product regardless of experience, having limited knowledge of existing Game Engines such as Unity Free, as well as Premium Editions, for which this Engine was custom tailored to introduce the industry to those who want to ascend to where "AAA" Corps feet have already traversed in terms of monetary success.   And in the past, gamers have always been willing to accept Independent Developers so long, with a certain degree of tolerance thrown in, so long as they can deliver the product.   Steam allows this type of behavior whereas regardless of reason, allows them the freedom of "taking the money and running", or even worse, to start up another project under another name to rinse and repeat.    Leaving thousands of gamers with that sense of feeling as though they've been ripped off.

  7. It is hard to scope a game correctly or to find a game that is liked by enough players to be profitable. The trap of early access is that players get fed up with the game way before it is finished.

  8. Double Fine did almost the same – just scrapped development of the Spacebase DF-9 (early access) due to "low sales", slapped 1.0 patch on the alpha, and moved on.

  9. This is the core issue with RDTs such as Unity. If you know what you are doing, you can create awesome projects and cut perhaps even years in the dev cycle. However, the downside is that it also invites clueless muppets to go on a shopping spree in the asset shop and release a buggy, unoptimised mess that they don't have the skills to fix.
    Also unfortunate is the fact that there are platforms for these useless wastes of human flesh to release their "creations" on. However, the plebs that mindlessly buys into this bullshit are also to blame since they makes it possible for this to continue.

  10. So… the smoking gun is that some of the devs didn't want to give up, but were out-voted or something? …that's really weak.

    Learning of this from your video alone, I have no shortage of benefit of the doubt for these devs.

    When you buy an early access game, you are purchasing a product "as is" with the added bonus of showing support for a products continued development. If not enough money is raised, it's perfectly acceptable to notice that trend and jump ship. It is not wrong to use money spent on one product to fund something completely unrelated to it.

  11. I agree completely, and Steam is not innocent in that they have created this "business model" by which these types of negative ethics are flourishing within the Early Access microcosm.

  12. Devs need to stop using engines that are fundamentally already flawed for the type of game they want to make.
    Devs need to stop thinking that "early access" is their way off "generating funds to complete development". If you decide your game to be early access, you essentially ONLY let players get the game you want to make cheaper as you have FREE alpha & beta testers. Players should not be seen as your investors. This shit happens too often.

  13. is it just me, or it sounds like the engine it self wasnt the best for the thing they want to make.. i mean you see more games now days that seem to be limited by the engines them selves..

  14. Hellion being abandoned sucks, but you're making a pretty strong claims about the game state I don't agree with. I've sunk an insane amount of time in the last few weeks since picking it up, and this game is incredible. It's a huge shame that they weren't able to finish. The single player version has been a riot.

  15. This just seems like the reality of development.. no wrong doing or malcontent, just the sad reality of commercial gaming. Fans are so darn harsh on these incredibly talented and smart devs

  16. "Play however you want" ? Well what if i don't want to play dumbass fucking multiplayer and just wanna, ya know.. PLAY THE FUCKING GAME without being forced online to play with everybody an they grandma? GTFO with that "play however you want"

  17. Fucking up collisions is a bad time, its fucking up the laws of physics. I have no doubts in the massive difficulty in creating a functional position and collision system that covers all of the games needs, but the core functionality of the game should have been extensively tested.

    I'll say the devs most certainly bit off more than they could chew. if you are correct about the flaws being based in collisions, the devs had a very difficult choice to make. They either had to scrap a major aspect of their game and go back to square one, or play whack a mole with the seemingly endless bugs and hope it gets fixed

  18. Early Access only protects one side, and it isn't the customer. Stop supporting the fucking program…because practically EVERY studio abuses it, and uses it to fund their game development. Which Valve specifically states that the Early Access program is not to be used for that.

  19. it a shame as I really like the concept of the game, kinda hope they would make free for other people to fix the bugs.


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