Classic Game Room HD – HOUSE OF THE DEAD OVERKILL on Wii pt1


Part 1 of 2. Classic Game Room HD reviews HOUSE OF THE DEAD: OVERKILL for Nintendo Wii by Sega. Zombies, mutants and mayhem OH MY! Time to waste some bitch-ass zombies with your Wii Zapper (or Wiimote or other Wii related gun) in thise House of the Dead arcade style gun shooting game. This CGRHD review of House of the Dead Overkill has gameplay footage from House of the Dead Overkill on Wii. Inspired by shlock horror films, 60’s and 70’s cinema and drive in movies, Overkill is bloody, gorey, violent carnage in a happy Wii disc. Droppin’ f-bombs like there’s no tomorrow, play one or two player modes as Agent G or Isaac Washington, two bad-ass detective thugs out to save the day from mutated zombies who crave brains and gore. This XXX rated video game (rated M actually) has strippers, nurses covered in blood and brains and carneys! CARNEYS. House of the Dead Overkill has a variety of weapons like the pistol, shotgun, assault shotgun, SMG and assault rifle. Upgrade your guns with the money and points that you earn, add more zombies to the mix and make the game more challenging. Sega’s House of the Dead series is always entertaining and this installment is chock full of brains eating, blood soaked zombie mutant mayhem!! Classic Game Room HD reviews House of the Dead Overkill with game play from the video game, how is this game reviewed? CGR is a Nintendo Wii reviewer reviewing Wii games!


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  1. why doesn't sega ever put out the original house of the dead on consoles it would be good to have a perfect port downloadable rather than playing the buggy pc version, or the saturn port, or using mame, its as if they are embarrassed of it, i played it in the arcades and found it quite enjoyable .

  2. he doesn't want to have to re-edit videos incase swearing becomes a problem on youtube… it's like he predicted the future. ya know, because of a few months ago videos were getting demonotized because of swearing and tags.

  3. looks like i have to add this to my list of on rail games to get for the wii U i picked up last week.. i originally bought it for super mario maker.. yeah im from that generation, i just had to buy a wii U once i saw the E3 and the Nintendo champion ship levels played.  it took me back to my little 12" crt and my bed room as a 11 year old or something.. i think i got my first Nintendo in 88 for Christmas, the super mario bro/duck hunt and track and feild with the pad and yeah we used the pad like crazy. hah, now im 41 come oct… id probably break my good leg if i tried to use one..  speaking of the wii U are there any wii U on rail shooters, or are they all on the wii?  its been 20 years since i had a Nintendo i have a lot of catching up to do.  rock on.

  4. Hi. Which is more enjoyable to play the classic light guns like in the DC or guns like that of the Wii's? Thanks. God bless, Rev. 21:4 [ I like games that uses the gun peripheral]

  5. The voice actors are credited in the end credits of the "Extended Cut" HD remake for the PS3, not the original Wii version. G is played by Will Sierra, Isaac Washington is played by Anthony Aroya. 

  6. Hey, why is it saying that this is game is by Sega when its only the publisher?!? Headstrong Games is the developper. What a bad information you bring to people.

  7. lmao @ the reviewers listing off of all the bleeped words… hes always so soft spoken thats the first time ive heard him utter such profanity. 

  8. I personally like it better when all the bad words are bleeped out.  Especially if they swear a lot, the game sounds like a truck backing up, lol!

  9. The pistol is actually my favorite gun because it keeps the arcade feel. And you can buy the mini gun in the Director's Cut mode but it costs so much.

  10. I love your reviews guys. They're really entertaining even if the reviewed game is a bad one. You cover pretty much everything but i would like it even more if you could tell us the controllers compatible with the game. You guys tell sometimes but not always. And when we are talking about the wii i think its kind of important cause there are so much cotrollers but anyways, excellent work guys you are awesome


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