Chocolate Edition Monopoly Fast Dealing Property Trading Board Game Eat Your Properties


Our last edible board game! Monopoly! Based on the classic game, with a totally different way to play.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: We went through all of the chocolate games we found on the shelves at Target. Monopoly was the last one and it was fun playing it with Butch on video. IT was easy to play! Just spin the spinner and put your pieces of chocolate on the correct space. Then once you get all of the colors of the same property. The person, or dog with the most at the end wins.


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Chocolate Edition Monopoly Fast Dealing Property Trading Board Game

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  1. I used to play Monopoly with my Grandma Melva but not The Chocolate Version the Original. I had to Stop Playing Monopoly with my Grandma Melva because she passed away on January 7th Of this year 2018.

  2. I used to play this game with my Grandma Melva but she passed away this past year 2018 on Sunday January 7th but I played the Original version

  3. My little cousin was watching this with me and she goes " but butch is going to get sick he can't have chocolate" then starts crying lmao it was so funny wish I got it on camera

  4. One time my auntie got this game for me and my cousins we played it and ate the chocolate then we felt sick later on

  5. What do you do when all the chocolate has gone and you want to play again? Can you get re-fills for the game?


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