Chocolate Board Games – UNO – Scrabble – Candy Land & Monopoly


Chocolate Board Games – UNO – Scrabble – Candy Land & Monopoly – Butch and I get to check out these games again on video. They have updated them this year and we wanted to show them to you. They packaged them smaller with less chocolates and there are some other re-worked game pieces. The chocolate was the same as the previous games and they still were fun to eat!

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Milk Chocolate UNO Edition
Milk Chocolate Scrabble Edition
Milk Chocolate Candy Land Edition
Milk Chocolate Monopoly Edition

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  1. Updated chocolate games! Butch and I have checked out a bunch of these on video. Have a great Christmas!

  2. We get all of our favorite 🍫 boardgames.
    🍫 Uno
    🍫 Scrabble
    🍫 Candyland
    🍫 Monopoly. We 💘 🍫 board games. The winner still get $10,000 🍫 💰 and shares mom's 🍫 medan with the opponents. Uno, Monopoly, Scrabble and Candy Land are all 🍫 board games. Our favorite 🍫 board game are:
    🍫 Uno
    🍫 Monopoly
    🍫 Candy Land
    🍫 Scrabble. Please Watch our favorite 🍫 board games

  3. Dave and Butch, try playing "Connect 4." It's easy. All you have to do to win is do a trick on Butch, Dave. Promise me. It's not impossible. Do what I say. Do a trick on Butch Dave and win. If you don't do the trick what I told you, how are you gonna win? Don't let Butch win, Dave. Follow these rules:

    (1) Do the trick.
    (2) Don't let Butch win.
    (3) Have fu-
    Great! Now I'm gonna have nightmares!😒
    Oh sorry.
    (3) Have fun.
    Now don't let Butch win or cheat or
    do one of those disgusting farts!
    I mean

  4. I don't know if he has told anyone who he is, but is it just me or does he sound like the dad from all4tubekids? Sorry I used to watch his channel when I was younger and I remember not knowing who he was, or what he looked like… Im older now obviously so I made that connection. If he's already shared his identity then sorry, ignore this then.

  5. Hey LPS Dave, I checked out the Christmas list from the link you attached to this video, I found the Uno game but that was it, as far as I saw. I didn't see any of the other games, although I remember seeing the videos.

  6. Dag actually is a word– slang that Australians use to mean a person who don't have an untidy or cultured approach , or matted wool sticking off of a sheep's tail.

  7. Merry Christmas! When I was about 6 or 7 I got a chocolate twister game, it was the game, but the winner got a chocolate piece


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