Can SanDisk RescuePRO Recover My Photos From A Corrupted Memory Card? (Hint: Yes!)


Something we photographers dread, yet is almost inevitable, is a corrupted memory card. I had a corruption issue recently after an outing along the Sonoma Coast. (As much as I love my A7Rii, it does not have dual card slots!) So I tried the RescuePRO software included with my SanDisk memory cards – and it worked!! It was able to recover several of the corrupted images, including one of my very favorite from the shoot.

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  1. My micro sd card on my cell phone became corrupted and I was wondering if it’s possible to recover all my data using this program

  2. This could be helpful for me because every-shoot is not possible to take backup. I always use the Stellar Photo Recovery software which help me to recover deleted or lost and repair corrupt card files. Thanks!

  3. i had a code from them in a usb packet needed to try recover from a desktop harddrive software doesnt work for me and doesnt take my code even tho ive never used it

  4. I always toss the recovery software card. I will save my next one! Fortunately, I have never had a card become corrupt. I do use smaller cards, usually 32GB and at the end of each shoot/day, I extract my files and then reformat the card. Glad you got back the best ones.

  5. Maybe back up everyshoot & then go out with an empty card each time to reduce corruption risk. Some advise 64gb card max which may reduce this risk of corruption & just have more 64gb cards instead.
    Glad your situation had a happy ending.


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