Black Lagoon's Vacation (Abridged Parody One-Shot)


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====Written and Edited by====

====Cast (In order of appearance)====
Karilynne Davies (voice of Revy) ➤
Otaku D. Furiku (voice of Dutch) ➤
I Haz A Voice (voice of Benny) ➤
DoktorApplejuce (voice of Rock) ➤ (me)
EoD (voice of Coast Guard 1) ➤
PSWeasel (voice of Coast Guard 2) ➤

====Special Thanks To:====
EoD and PSWeasel for the Spanish and Portuguese translations of their respective lines

===Music Used===
Black Sails by Paddy And The Rats
The End Is Near by Primal Fear
Mexico by Alestorm


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  1. Please note: no Coast Guards were harmed during the making of this video.

    Wanna hear some of the bloopers from this parody? Well, you're in luck! They're right here:

    (Yes, more Fate is coming. This was just for fun in the meantime.)

  2. This is awesome. Great choice for source material, really funny jokes, and you chose some really kick ass music. I loved it. Great job 👍!

  3. This was wonderful… Great job guys! Now I have two great Black Lagoon abridge to watch, this and DarkSwamp.

  4. THIS IS SO FUNNY GOOD JOB GUYS!!! and it 100% reminds me of something that might happen in a show called archer lmao

  5. WAIT WAIT WAIT, WAIT JUST A MOMENT!!! I thought the Lagoon Company normally worked around the Pacific. Last I checked, the Gulf of Mexico is some where around the Atlantic. Why would they spend so much time going through several oceans when they could just go through one?


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