All Sonic Games for PSP


Here is a list of all SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Games for the SONY PSP. PPSSPP Gameplay Review:
1. Sonic Rivals
2. Sonic Rivals 2

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Sonic Rivals
Sonic Rivals in unique in it’s own way. It’s not you average side scroller it’s different. It takes elements from previous Sonic Games and combines it with racing and the outcome is this. I have to admit that in spite being a little repetitive, the game has something that distinguishes itself from others, and the formula is enjoyable.
The game consists of a series of one-on-one foot races through typically through interestingly build stages with twists, ramps, cockscrews, enemies to hit, speed boosters and other things where you can either help you gain or lose time. The game is split into 6 worlds, most of which have two acts and a boss battle. Even boss battles aren’t what you would expect. In boss battles you and your rival compete, and whoever lands the most hits on the enemy wins. Most bosses take only about five hits or so to be killed , so these stages typically aren’t very long, and they’re a lot easier than the racing stages.
In races as you might guess, your goal is to run from left to right and be the first across the finish line.
A thing in this game is the fact that if you’re like me, you will have to repeat the same level again and again because everything moves so fast that you can’t see the obstacle in front. In this video is the first level, but later in the game it gets very fast and this will lead to repeating the level until you learn each obstable by muscle memory in order to pass.
The graphics are nice and colorful and the environments are varied and very dense with details. The game’s framerate is very good, and it gives you a sense of speed. Well the framerate must be good in a Sonic game because if it lags, the speed that sonic has would make the game imposible to play.
The sounds in this game are good.
Also a nice thing about the game is that it features multiplayer, so you can play with another friend races via ad-hoc. You can do head-to-head races or cup circuits.
I recommend this game to you if you are a Sonic fan and like fast paced racing games with astonishing visuals, that you can play with a friend in ad-hoc battles or in single player mode.

Sonic Rivals 2
The second Sonic game for the PSP is Sonic Rivals. This game takes what was good in the previous game and improves it. The levels are even nicer looking and the tracks are improved too. Now hitting an obstacle or missing a jump doesn’t cost you as much time as in the previous. The tracks are speedier, they are build so that you can gain more speed, which is a very good thing for a Sonic game : The sense of speed.
The framerate is good, which is a must in a Sonic game, the graphics are good, and the game formula is the same as in Sonic Rivals one, meaning you have races, boss fights and power ups.
Also another thing thing that I haven’t told you about in the video is an obvious one. You don’t get to play only with Sonic, but instead you have many characters to choose from like: Metal Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow or Silver. This is valid for both games.
In conclusion I recommend you the two games. It’s a bummer there were only two PSP games officially released for the PSP, made specifically for this console. But even so, these two can provide hours of gameplay and are worth a try.


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