All 8 Ojamajo Doremi Games! (Sony PS1, Sega Pico, PC) |SailorGuardianHope|


Hey everyone! Merry (late) Christmas! Welcome back to another video on Japan Exclusive Anime Games!! I hope you guys enjoy!

***Bruh the Sega Pico isn’t a handheld I’m so sorry***

NOTE: MY EDITING SOFTWARE MESSED UP WITH RENDERING A COUPLE OF CLIPS SO SORRY!!!! There are a couple of images with black bars beside them (even though those weren’t there while editing) and I don’t have time to go back and fix everything….

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  1. AWW OMG This came up in my recommended and I was super surprised when my own face was suddenly on my tv 😅 I loved this so much, thank you for loving Doremi!!! 💕💕💕

  2. I would like to play the PC visual novel and Season 4(aka Dokkan) personally I love the most (but I love all of them equally)

  3. The Sega Pico isn't a handheld, it's an educational 8bit home console for young children, I hope that's helpful

  4. correction : it is actually takoyaki , not teriyaki . teriyaki is chicken , but takoyaki is pieces of octopus in batter . Just to let you know . 🙂

  5. Magical Doremi first aired in America in 2005. However it was taken off the air multiple times due to poor ratings despite the amount of merchandise released in the west. It last appeared in 2010 on the CW, only to be replaced a short time later again.
    Overall, the series was a flop here in the west, but is more popular in Latin-based language countries. ><
    BTW favorite season is Naisho


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